The Haskins Society Journal 24

October 2013
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Haskins Society Journal
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The Haskins Society Journal 24

2012. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by William North, Laura L. Gathagan

Fruits of the most recent research on the worlds of the eleventh and twelfth centuries.
This volume of the Haskins Society Journal furthers the Society's commitment to historical and interdisciplinary research on the early and central Middle Ages, focusing on the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Angevin worlds. The topics of the essays range from the complexities of landholding and service in England after the Norman Conquest and the place of Portugal in the legal renaissance of the twelfth century, to the purpose and audiences of copies of Anglo-Saxon charters produced by the late medieval community at Bury St Edmunds. There is an investigation of the hitherto overlooked narrative role of material objects in Orderic Vitalis'History, continuing the Journal's investigation of source-specific analyses, together with an exploration of the date and reliability of an important, but neglected, witness to the Norman conquest of Sicily. Other essays look at the longue durée of the ascetic practice of self-flagellation and its emergence in eleventh-century Italy; the place and meaning of religious practices in crusading, using the De expugnatione Lyxbonensi as laboratory; and aural and visual experience in the life and musical opus of Godric of Finchale.

Contributors: Howard B. Clarke, Sarah Foot, John Howe, Monika Otter, Daniel Roach, Charles D. Stanton, Susanna A. Throop, André Vitória.

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Table of Contents

'Those Five Knights which you Owe me in Respect of your Abbacy'. Organizing Military Service after the Norman Conquest: Evesham and Beyond - Howard B. Clarke
Voluntary Ascetic Flagellation: From Local to Learned Traditions - John Howe
The Material and the Visual: Objects and Memories in the Historia ecclesiastica of Orderic Vitalis - Daniel Roach
Anonymus Vaticanus: Another Source for the Normans in the South? - Charles D. Stanton
Christian Community and the Crusades: Religious and Social Practices in the De expugnatione Lyxbonensi - Susanna A. Throop
Godrich of Finchale's Canora Modulatio: The Auditory and Visionary Worlds of a Twelfth-Century Hermit - Monika C Otter
Did Portugal Have a Twelfth-Century Renaissance? - André Vitória
Internal and External Audiences: Reflections on the Anglo-Saxon Archive of Bury St Edmunds Abbey in Suffolk - Sarah Foot


Thematically and geographically various [and] of a high standard throughout. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT

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