The Haskins Society Journal 22

May 2012
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Haskins Society Journal
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The Haskins Society Journal 22

2010. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by William L. North

The most up-to-date research in the period from the Anglo-Saxons to Angevins.
This volume of the Haskins Society Journal continues its tradition of publishing the best historical and interdisciplinary research on the early and central middle ages in the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Angevin worlds. The topics of the essays range from legal influences on Alfred's Mosaic Prologue, judicial processes in tenth-century Iberia, and the ecclesiology of the Norman Anonymous to the nature and implications of comital authority in the eleventh- and twelfth-century Anglo-Norman realm and conceptions of servitude in legal thinking in thirteenth-century Catalonia. The volume also embraces art history, with contributions on the medieval object as subject; the banquet scene in the Bayeux Tapestry; and there is a synoptic archeological exploration of early medieval Britain. Finally, an edition and translation of the De Abbatibus of Mont Saint-Michel makes available in complete and reliable form an important witness to this Norman monastery's medieval past.

Contributors: Thomas Bisson, Charlotte Cartwright, Martin Carver, Kerrith Davies, Wendy Davies, Paul Freedman, James Ginther, Stefan Jurasinski, Elizabeth Carson Pastan.

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Table of Contents

Four Windows on Early Britain - Martin Carver
Violence, Penance, and Secular Law in Alfred's Mosaic Prologue - Stefan Jurasinski
Summary Justice and Seigneurial Justice in Northern Iberia on the Eve of the Millennium - Wendy Davies
Before She Was Queen: Matilda of Flanders and the use of comitissa in the Norman Ducal Charters - Charlotte Cartwright
A Feast for the Eyes: Representing Odo at the Banquet in the Bayeux Embroidery -
The Count of the Côtentin: Western Normandy, William of Mortain, and the Career of Henry I - Kerrith Davies
The Ecclesiology of the Norman Anonymous - James R. Ginther
On the Abbots of Le Mont Saint-Michel. An Edition and Translation - Thomas Bisson
Rural Servitude and Legal Learning in Thirteenth-Century Catalonia - Paul Freedman


A century after Haskins, this volume demonstrates that the American pursuit of the Middle Ages remains both lively and fruitful. HISTORY

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