The Haskins Society Journal 21

November 2010
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Haskins Society Journal
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The Haskins Society Journal 21

2009. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by William L. North

The most recent research into the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, and Angevin worlds.
Embracing disciplinary approaches ranging from the archaeological to the historical, the sociological to the literary, this collection offers new insights into key texts and interpretive problems in the history of England and the continent between the eighth and thirteenth centuries. Topics range from Bede's use and revision of the anonymous Life of St Cuthbert and the redeployment of patristic texts in later continental and Anglo-Saxon ascetic and hagiographical texts, to Robert Curthose's interaction with the Norman episcopate and the revival of Roman legal studies, to the dynamics of aristocratic friendship in the Anglo-Norman realm, and much more. The volume also includes two methodologically rich studies of vital aspects of the historical landscape of medieval England: rivers and forests.

William North teaches in the Department of History, Carleton College.

Contributors: Richard Allen, Uta-Renate Blumenthal, Ruth Harwood Cline, Thomas Cramer, Mark Gardiner, C. Stephen Jaeger, David A.E. Pelteret, Sally Shockro, Rebecca Slitt, Timothy Smit

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Table of Contents

Bede and the Rewriting of Sanctity - Sally Shockro
The Role of Rivers and Coastlines in Shaping Early English History - David A. E. Pelteret
Containing Virginity: Sex and Society in Early Medieval England - Thomas Cramer
Pagans and Infidels, Saracens and Sicilians: Identifying Muslims in the Eleventh-Century Chronicles of Norman Italy - Timothy Smit
Robert Curthose and the Norman Episcopate - Richard Allen
The Revival of Roman Law: the Exceptiones Petri - Uta-Renate Blumenthal
Mutatis Mutandis: Literary Borrowing from Jerome's Letter to Eustochium and Others in the Life of Blessed Bernard of Tiron by Geoffrey Grossus - Ruth Harwood Cline
Acting Out Friendship: Signs and Gestures of Aristocratic Male Friendship in the Twelfth Century - Rebecca L. Slitt
The Quantification of Assarted Land in Mid- and Late Twelfth-Century England - Mark Gardiner
Origins of Courtliness after 25 Years - C. Stephen Jaeger

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