The Haskins Society Journal 14

February 2005
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188 pages
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Haskins Society Journal
ISBN: 9781843831167
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The Haskins Society Journal 14

2003. Studies in Medieval History

Edited by Stephen Morillo

Recent research on the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, Viking and Angevin worlds of the eleventh and twelfth centuries.
The latest volume of the Haskins Society Journal presents recent research on the Anglo-Saxon, Anglo-Norman, Viking and Angevin worlds of the eleventh and twelfth centuries, and includes topics ranging from emotional communities in the middle ages, English identity, and the artistic construction of sacred space to the organization of royal estates, Jewish credit operations, the English colonization of Wales, and more. This volume of the Haskins Society Journal includes papers read at the 21st Annual Conference of the Charles Homer Haskins Society at Cornell University in October 2002 as well as other submissions. Contributors include Barbara Rosenwein, Kate Rambridge, Nicholas Brooks, Ryan Lavelle, Robin Mundill, Diane Korngiebel, Ryan Crisp, Philadelphia Ricketts, Louis Hamilton, and Brigitte Bedos-Rezak.

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Table of Contents

Even the Devil (Sometimes) has Feelings: Emotional Communities in the Early Middle Ages - Barbara H. Rosenwein
Alcuin, Willibrord, and the Cultivation of Faith - Kate Rambridge
Henry Loyn Memorial Lecture: English Identity from Bede to the Millenium - Nicholas Brooks
The `Farm of One Night' and the Organisation of Royal Estates in Late Anglo-Saxon Wessex - Ryan Lavelle
Changing Fortunes: Edwardian Anglo-Jewry and their Credit Operations in Late Thirteenth-Century England - Robin Mundill
Forty Acres and a Mule: The Mechanics of English Settlement in Northeast Wales after the Edwardian Conquest - Diane M. Korngiebel
Consanguinity and the Saint-Aubin Genealogies - Ryan Patrick Crisp
Widows, Religious Patronage and Family Identity: Some Cases from Twelfth-Century Yorkshire - Philadelphia Ricketts
Desecration and Consectration in Norman Capua, 1062-1122: Contesting Sacred Space during the Gregorian Reforms - Louis Hamilton
From Ego to Imago: Mediation and Agency in Medieval France (1000- 1250) - Brigitte M. Bedos-Rezak

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