The Gages of Hengrave and Suffolk Catholicism, 1640-1767

June 2015
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277 pages
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Catholic Record Society: Monograph Series
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Catholic Record Society
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The Gages of Hengrave and Suffolk Catholicism, 1640-1767

Francis Young

Account of an important Catholic family in early modern East Anglia, demonstrating their influence upon their wider community.
For almost 250 years the Gages of Hengrave Hall, near Bury St Edmunds, were the leading Roman Catholic family in Suffolk, and the sponsors and protectors of most Catholic missionary endeavours in the western half of the county. This book traces their rise from an offshoot of a Sussex recusant family, to the extinction of the senior line in 1767, when the Gages became the Rookwood Gages. Drawing for the first time on the extensive records of the Gage family in Cambridge University Library, the book considers the Gages as part of the wider Catholic community of Bury St Edmunds and west Suffolk, and includes transcriptions of selected family letters as well as the surviving eighteenth-century Benedictine and Jesuit mission registers for Bury St Edmunds. Although the Gages were the wealthiest and most influential Catholics in the region, the gradual separation and independent growth of the urban Catholic community in Bury St Edmunds challenges the idea that eighteenth-century Catholicism in the south of England was moribund and "seigneurial". The author argues that in the end, the Gages' achievement was to create a Catholic community that could eventually survive without their patronage.

Francis Young gained his doctorate from the University of Cambridge.

Table of Contents

Soe great a resort of Papists: The Household at Hengrave, 1640-60
Bon temps viendra: The Gages from Restoration to Revolution, 1660-88
Revolution and Recovery, 1688-1727
Hengrave and the Benedictine Mission, 1727-41
Gentry Chaplaincy to Proto-Parish, 1741-67
Appendix 1: Selected Gage Family Letters and Papers, 1640-1744
Appendix 2: Hengrave Hall in the 1661 Inventory
Appendix 3: Extracts from Richardson Pack's Bury Toasts, 1725
Appendix 4: The Benedictine Mission Register (Hengrave Register), 1734-51
Appendix 5: Catholic Non-Jurors in Bury St. Edmunds in 1745
Appendix 6: The Jesuit Mission Register (Bury Register), 1756-67
Appendix 7: Catholic Families in Bury St. Edmunds and District, 1715-67
Index of People and Places
Index of Subjects


A valuable case study for students of religious history, local history and the early modern gentry. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY

A model study of a Catholic family living amongst the embers of persecution... a vivid account of the number of really tough choices that the family had to make, which changed from generation to generation and which were rooted in a clear end (to preserve the family's faith and its fortune). HISTORY

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