`The Furie of the Ordnance'

`The Furie of the Ordnance'

Artillery in the English Civil Wars

Stephen Bull


Boydell Press



Shows how new developments in guns and artillery played a decisive role in the English Civil War.
The English Civil War has frequently been depicted as a struggle between Cavaliers and Roundheads in which technology played little part. The first-hand sources now tell us that this romantic picture is deeply flawed - revealing a reality of gunpowder, artillery, and a grinding struggle of siege and starvation.

As with naval warfare, developments in gun technology drastically changed land warfare in the years leading up to 1642. The Civil War was itself shaped largely by the availability of munitions. A failure to procure them in 1643 and 1644 - combined with abortive attempts on London - ultimately proved the downfall of the Royalists. Moreover a final move away from fortified local garrisons reshaped both the nature of warfare in England, and the country itself.

STEPHEN BULL is Curator of Military History and Archaeology, Lancashire Museums.

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September 2008
28 black and white, 10 line illustrations
272 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Armour and Weapons
ISBN: 9781843834038
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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Table of Contents

Of Guns and Gunners
`England's Vulcan': Artillery Supply Under the Early Stuarts
A Scramble for Arms - the War of Ordnance Logistics
Artillery Fortifications
Artillery and Sieges


Required reading for early modern industrial and military historians. SEVENTEENTH-CENTURY NEWS

An excellent contribution to the study of the English Civil War, and early modern warfare in general, and will almost certainly become a standard reference for historians of both. JOURNAL OF THE SOCIETY FOR ARMY HISTORICAL RESEARCH

The book brings together the technical, the military, the industrial and the strategic, to provide a rounded account of a fascinating subject. It also acts as a powerful statement of the importance of military history in making sense of the bigger picture. CROMWELLIANA
Scholars of British military history and weapon development will appreciate the detailed maps, chronology and extensive appendices. SCITECH BOOKS
An important book, which questions many assumptions and should make its author very proud. JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORY
An excellently researched and well-written book with clearly explained argument and supporting evidence. Philip A. Magrath, (Curator of Artillery, Royal Armouries) CASEMATE

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