The Freetown Bond

November 2012
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The Freetown Bond

A Life under Two Flags

Eldred Durosimi Jones, Marjorie Jones

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Born in 1925, this autobiography includes an account of his early years, giving a vivid picture of growing up in Freetown in the latter days of British colonial rule.
Eldred Durosimi Jones is known internationally as being central to the establishment of the study of African writing in the new universities of Africa, Britain and North America. The annual African Literature Today of which he was founding editor in 1968, is a key marker of this growth. In addition, his book Othello's Countrymen introduced Africa into Shakespeare studies.
Born in 1925, the account of his early years gives a vivid picture of growing up in Freetown in the latter days of British colonial rule. He was an exceptional young man who was able to take advantage of the unusual style of this city-state. He studied in two of the historic institutions of Equatorial Africa, the CMS Grammar School and Fourah Bay College to which young men flocked from all over the region earning Freetown the title 'The Athens of West Africa'. After further studies at Oxford, Eldred Jones committed himself to his own country and it was appropriate that for over thirty years he was successively Lecturer, Professor, Principal and Pro-Vice-Chancellor of Fourah Bay College in Freetown, which had been set up in 1827 and was the first university college in Africa south of the Sahara.
He lost his sight in his middle years and this book, like all his later written work, has been brought to the page by his wife Marjorie Jones. Her gift for story-telling about their lives as Sierra Leone was gripped by civil war has added to this highly individual book.
Eldred Durosimi Jones is Emeritus Professor of English Language and Literature, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, recipient of the Royal Society of Arts Silver Medal, Honorary Fellow, Corpus Christi College, Oxford, and joint winner (with Marjorie Jones) of the African Studies Association of the UK Distinguished Africanist Award.

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Keywords: African Studies

Table of Contents

Early childhood under the British flag
Manhood's gleam in boyish eyes
In the footsteps of Ajayi Crowther
The gleaming spires of Oxford
Home pastures
America & new found lands
West African travels
All Freetown's a stage
Books, words, causes
Twilight & evening bell


A significant addition to the growing genre of life-writing in Sierra Leone. With the increasing publications of memoirs in that country, dominant discourses such as national history and political ideologies are revisited, revised, and reshaped. RESEARCH IN SIERRA LEONE STUDIES

A stimulating and engaging book. WASAFIRI

A fascinating revelation of the unique Krio life and mindset in the latter days of the colonial period, and indirectly helps explain why this group produced so many eminent sons and daughters who for so long held the reins in Sierra Leone. LUCAS BULLETIN

A compulsive read from an author who is a consummate connoisseur of good literature and art and a master communicator. AFRICAN STUDIES QUARTERLY

'Eldred Jones has led a remarkable and distinguished life ... the memoir not only covers Eldred Jones' personal and professional life, but also social and educational developments in Sierra Leone over the best part of a century.' - Martin Banham, Emeritus Professor of Drama & Theatre Studies, University of Leeds

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