The Franciscans in the Middle Ages

July 2006
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Monastic Orders
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The Franciscans in the Middle Ages

Michael Robson


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Wide-ranging history of the Franciscan Order in the Middle Ages, examining its growth and impact on society.
St Francis of Assisi is one of the most admired figures of the Middle Ages - and one of the most important in the Christian church, modelling his life on the literal observance of the Gospel and recovering an emphasis on the poverty experienced by Jesus Christ. From 1217 Francis sent communities of friars throughout Christendom and launched missions to several countries, including India and China. The movement soon became established in most cities and several large towns, and, enjoying close relations with the popes, its followers were ideal instruments for the propagation of the reforms of the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215. They quickly became part of the landscape of medieval life and made their influence felt throughout society.
This book explores the first 250 years of the order's history and charts its rapid growth, development, pastoral ministry, educational organisation, missionary endeavour, internal tensions and divisions. Intended for both the general and more specialist reader, it offers a complete survey of the Franciscan Order.

Dr MICHAEL ROBSON is a Fellow and Director of Studies in Theology at St Edmund's College, Cambridge.

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Robson has managed to incorporate the conclusions of an extremely wide body of recent scholarship. [...] This is the most useful survey of medieval Franciscan history available and as such is to be welcomed. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
Robson has written a history of the Franciscans that precisely and clearly reflects his sources. To reap the full benefit one must have some knowledge of the subject, which is a pity for students. However this makes the book even more useful for those with some background. One looks forward to further titles in this series. FRANCIA

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