The Fifteenth Century X

The Fifteenth Century X

Parliament, Personalities and Power. Papers Presented to Linda S. Clark

Edited by Hannes Kleineke


Boydell Press



This series [pushes] the boundaries of knowledge and [develops] new trends in approach and understanding. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
Linda S. Clark is a distinguished scholar of fifteenth-century England, best known for her important contribution to the study of the late medieval English parliament. She has served as general editor of The Fifteenth Century since 2003. This special volume in the series marks her four decades of work for the History of Parliament Trust. As is appropriate, its essays focus above all on Parliament and the personalities that served in its chambers, but they also illuminate a wider range of themes that have long concerned students of the later middle ages, including the lawlessness of the gentry and nobility, the acquisition and management of their estates, and their self-expression in pageantry and legend. Other social groups, ranging from the mercantile élite of the city of London and their Italian trading partners to England's common soldiers, also make an appearance. Several of the papers collected here have a geographical focus in London and East Anglia, but other regions are also represented. The collection thus pays tribute to the breadth of Dr Clark's contribution to the field, both in her own writing, and in her long-standing commitment to facilitate the publication of the original research of others.

Contributors: A.J. Pollard, Simon Payling, Charles Moreton, Colin Richmond, J.L. Bolton, James Ross, Carole Rawcliffe, Elizabeth Danbury, Matthew Davies, Hannes Kleineke, David Grummitt, Caroline M. Barron

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September 2011
10 black and white, 2 line illustrations
265 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
The Fifteenth Century
ISBN: 9781843836926
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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Table of Contents

The People and Parliament in Fifteenth-Century England - Anthony J Pollard
"A Beest envenymed thorough...covetize": an Imposter Pilgrim and the Disputed Descent of the Manor of Dodford, 1306-1481 - Simon J. Payling
Henry Inglose: A Hard Man to Please - Charles Moreton and Colin Richmond
London Merchants and the Borromei Bank in the 1430s: the Role of Local Credit Networks - James L Bolton
"Mischieviously Slewen": John, Lord Scrope, the Dukes of Norfolk and Suffolk, and the Murder of Henry Howard in 1446 - James Ross
A Fifteenth-Century Medicus Politicus: John Somerset, Physician to Henry VI - Carole Rawcliffe
"Domine Salvum Fac Regem": The Origin of "God Save the King" in the Reign of Henry VI - Elizabeth Danbury
"Monuments of Honour": Clerks, Histories and Heroes in the London Livery Companies - Matthew Davies
The East Anglian Parliamentary Elections of 1461 - Hannes Kleineke
Changing Perceptions of the Soldier in Late Medieval England - David Grummitt
Thomas More, the London Charterhouse, and Richard III - Caroline Barron


The contributions are of a uniformly high standard. . Historians of parliament, towns, and the aristocracy in particular will find this a valuable contribution to the Fifteenth Century series. SOUTHERN HISTORY

There is a good deal to chew over in this volume. [...] It is superbly produced by Boydell Press. [...] A useful and informative collection of essays which continues to strengthen the reputation of The Fifteenth Century series. As such it is a welcome addition to the field of late medieval scholarship. THE RICARDIAN

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