The Fifteenth Century IX

November 2010
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The Fifteenth Century
ISBN: 9781843836070
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The Fifteenth Century IX

English and Continental Perspectives

Edited by Linda Clark

This series [pushes] the boundaries of knowledge and [develops] new trends in approach and understanding. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
The essays here provide a series of unusual, varying and complex perspectives on late-medieval society, with a particular focus on the European context. They show how in the north of England the Cliffords and tenants of the honour of Pontefract were forced to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of their conflicting loyalties to local lords and distant kings; how in East Anglia the growing cult of St Margaret was reinforced by dissemination of her life-story [published here from a manuscript in the British Library]; how at Westminster the court of Henry IV was enhanced by his purchase of luxury items, and how the inept rule of his grandson Henry VI led to the "de-skilling" of hitherto competent bureaucracies in the exchequer and chancery; how in Normandy a fine line was drawn between brigandage and movements for independence; how in Burgundy the classic ideals of chivalry, as presented in the duchy's literature, contrasted with the grim reality of military and political confrontations; and how in Florence infants were nurtured.

Contributors: Frederik Buylaert, Christine Carpenter, Vincent Challet, Juliana Dresvina, Jan Dumolyn, Andy King, Jessica Lutkin, Alessia Meneghin, Sarah Rose

Table of Contents

Henry VI and the Deskilling of the Royal Bureaucracy - Christine Carpenter
A Twelfth-Century Honour in a Fifteenth-Century World: The Honour of Pontefract - Sarah Rose
The Representation of Nobility and Chivalry in Burgundian Historiography: A Social Perspective - Frederik Buylaert and Jan Dumolyn
Tuchins and 'Brigands de Bois' Peasant Communities and Self-Defence Movements in Normandy During the Hundred Years War - Vincent Challet
A Heron for a Dame: A Hitherto Unpublished Middle English Prose Life of St. Margaret of Antioch in BL, Harley MS 4012 - Juliana Dresvina
Sir William Clifford: Rebellion and Reward in Henry IV's Affinity - Andy King
Luxury and Display in Silver and Gold at the Court of Henry IV - Jessica Lutkin
Nursing Infants and Wet-Nurses in Fifteenth-Century Florence: Piero Puro di Francesco Da Vicchio and his Wife, Santa di Betto Da San Benedetto - Alessia Meneghin


[An] increasingly valuable series. HISTORY

A strong addition to this important series. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

Nine well-researched and well-written papers. SOUTHERN HISTORY

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