The English Catholic Community, 1688-1745

The English Catholic Community, 1688-1745

Politics, Culture and Ideology

Gabriel Glickman


Boydell Press



A comprehensive examination of the English Catholic community in all its aspects.
The half-century following the Glorious Revolution has been viewed as a time of retreat and withdrawal for English Catholics: the response to tightening penal laws, periods in exile and the failures of the Jacobite cause. This book argues that the perception has arisen because research has been directed into the wrong places. It aims to recapture the eighteenth-century Catholic 'recusant' imagination through a study of hitherto unexplored treatises, manuscript literature and private correspondence preserved in family and religious archives.
Contrary to the image of seclusion, Catholic lives were penetrated by questions of national identity, religious liberty and the authority of an international church: conflicts experienced not merely within their own nation, but in the European courts, seminaries and universities that supported them in exile. Their writings can be understood as commentaries on the state of a community trapped between the political, cultural and intellectual divisions that cut across the Roman Catholic world. Many were actively promoting change in church and state within Britain and Europe, and their arguments shaped the emergence of a 'Catholic Enlightenment' that outlasted the commitment to Jacobitism.
The English Catholic Community investigates Catholic education and family life, scholarship, poetry and spirituality. It offers a fresh contribution to debates surrounding the history of the Jacobite movement, the construction of British national identity, and the origins of the Enlightenment. Gabriel Glickman is a lecturer in history at the University of Oxford.

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316 pages
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Studies in Early Modern Cultural, Political and Social History
Paperback, 9781843838210, March 2013
Hardback, 9781843834649, August 2009
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Table of Contents

English Catholics and the Glorious Revolution of 1688
The making of the Catholic gentry in England and in exile
Conscience, politics and the exiled court: the creation of the Catholic Jacobite manifesto 1689-1718
Catholic politics in England 1688-1745
Unity, heresy and disillusionment: Christendom, Rome and the Catholic Jacobites
The English Catholic Clergy and the creation of a Jacobite Church
The English Catholic Reformers and the Jacobite diaspora


[A] masterful and useful study. ANGLICAN AND EPISCOPAL

Glickman's own work brilliantly succeeds in re-integrating English Catholics into their wider transnational confessional world. [...] We are presented with a nuanced and convincing portrait of a Catholic community torn between different imperatives. [It] is a major achievement. The maturity of judgement on display is rare in a first book [...] The English Catholic Community immediately becomes the core monograph for its subject. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

Detailed, well informed, and fast paced. It adds a vitally important dimension to what is already known about eighteenth-century English Catholicism. JOURNAL OF BRITISH STUDIES

This important book breaks new ground. [...] This well-written and sympathetic study offers a brilliant insight into an often forgotten Catholic world, and in doing so makes a vital contribution to late seventeenth- and early eighteenth-century English history. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY

This is an outstanding and clever book which provides a definitive treatment of English Catholicism and its relation to Jacobitism in the much neglected first half of the eighteenth century. [...] Never before has the story of such complexity and European breadth been narrated. ROYAL STUART JOURNAL

Based on a wide reading of primary sources, and displaying a firm command of the subject's historiography, it is an extremely thorough, well-written, subtle and interesting study. As so often, one is struck by how sustained, painstaking research, rather than fleetingly fashionable methodologies, yields fine results. HISTORY
An extraordinarily complex account and analysis, based on extensive scholarly research in manuscript holdings as well as printed texts that are difficult to locate. [...] This is an important book on a neglected subject and it brings much that is new both by way of material and interpretation. H-WRBI

A triumph of archival recovery. [Glickman's] novel monograph is likely to produce a significant shift in perspectives on this period. TLS

An important study of both the vigorous survival of recusant Catholicism in Britain and its considerable influence on the wider Jacobite community. It is, moreover, a nicely produced book. THE JACOBITE

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