The Durham Collectar

December 1992
314 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Henry Bradshaw Society
ISBN: 9781870252409
Format: Paperback
Henry Bradshaw Society

The Durham Collectar

Edited by Alicia Corrêa

A translation and study of Durham Cathedral Library MS A. IV. 19, a book of collects for the Divine Office, a part of the service-books of monk or priest in Anglo-Saxon England.
Few liturgical historians are aware that a book of collects for theDivine Office formed part of the service-books owned by a monk orpriest in Anglo-Saxon England. The Durham Collectar, misnamed the`Durham Ritual'and tentatively dated to the tenth century, is the earliest collectar to have survived in England. Where did it come from,and how was it used? To answer the first, a new edition of the Latintext is presented in this volume, with extensive collation tablesshowing at a glance the most influential liturgical sources. In theintroduction, the function of the collectar is discussed.


Une etude stimulante, non seulement du collectaire du Durham, mais aussi du collectaire comme categorie de livre liturgique... un ouvrage digne d'une serie distinguee. REVUE D'HISTOIRE ECCLES. 2/93Clarif[ies] the history of collectars as a genre of liturgical book and the place of this document among examplars of the group, and present[s] an `emended' version of the Durham Collectar collated with sources and other collections. ALBION

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