The Dukes of Burgundy [4-volume set]

The Dukes of Burgundy [4-volume set]

Charles the Bold, John the Fearless, Philip the Bold, Philip the Good

Richard Vaughan


Boydell Press



Richard Vaughan's classic history of Burgundy under the four Valois dukes, now available as a specially-priced set.
First published nearly forty years ago, Richard Vaughan's masterly four-part history of the Valois dukes of Burgundy has never been surpassed. Beginning with Philip the Bold, Vaughan describes the emergence of the Burgundian state. John the Fearless defended and developed its power ruthlessly during his ducal reign, which reached its apogee under Philip the Good. Charles the Bold ruled a state that was recognised as one of the major powers of medieval Europe, his ambition extending to an alliance with England. With the death of Charles fighting the Swiss army at Nancy in 1477, Richard Vaughan brings this history of the Burgundian dukedom to a triumphant conclusion.


October 2002
1768 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
ISBN: 9781843833970
Format: Paperback
Boydell Press
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His achievement remains monumental. There are no comparable, modern, in-depth studies of these four larger-than-life players on the late medieval European stage, in English or in any other language. They are, besides, eminently readable. TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT [Maurice Keen]
This reissue of Vaughan's seminal series is welcome indeed. Nothing of this scale has been written before or since...on the Burgundian state.... Erudite but highly readable.... An attractive and timely repackaging of an unrivalled classic of Burgundian studies. MEDIUM AEVUM

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