The Diary of Thomas Giordani Wright, Newcastle Doctor, 1826-1829

The Diary of Thomas Giordani Wright, Newcastle Doctor, 1826-1829

Edited by Alastair Johnson

The diary of an able young doctor working in an extensive colliery practice in Newcastle in the 1820s; with detail on coal-mining, medical facilities, social life, societies, libraries and transport.
Thomas Giordani Wright was a very successful nineteenth-century doctor who died, aged ninety, in 1898. He kept a remarkable diary during the last three years of his medical apprenticeship in the 1820s, which is published here for the first time. Working as assistant in the 'extensive colliery practice' of Mr James McIntyre, Surgeon, Wright had responsibility for 'six collieries around Newcastle and the inferior practice of the house'. He had to make long rounds on horseback, and cope with dreadful accidents and diseases as well as with the demands of his 'reserved proud and selfish' master. But in spite of his arduous and busy life, Wright kept his diary up-to-date (and included autobiographical detail of his earlier life) and has left a vivid account of the life in a busy provincial town of a bright young man at the outset of his career.


For anyone with an interest in medical practice in provincial England in the first half of the nineteenth century, this diary is the most magnificent source... a gem of a book. MEDICAL HISTORY Makes for fascinating reading. URBAN HISTORY

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