The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti: set

July 2015
5896 pages
ISBN: 9781843843979
Format: Hardback

The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti: set

Edited by William E. Fredeman

This ten-volume edition of Rossetti's correspondence is an acclaimed primary source for the range of ideas that shaped his art and poetry, as well as a glimpse into his life and times.
This ten-volume edition represents the definitive collection of extant Rossetti correspondence, an outstanding primary witness to the range of ideas and opinions that shaped Rossetti's art and poetry. The largest collection of Rossetti's correspondence ever to be published, it features all known surviving letters, a total of almost 5,800 to over 330 recipients, and includes 2,000 previously unpublished letters by Rossetti and selected letters to him. In addition to this, about 100 drawings taken from within letter texts are also reproduced. In its entirety the collection will give an invaluable and unparalleled insight into Rossetti's character and art, and will form a rich resource for students and scholars studying all aspects of his life and work.

The correspondence has been transcribed from collections in sixty-four manuscript repositories, containing Rossetti's letters to his companions in the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, Hunt and Stephens; friends such as Boyce and Bell Scott; his early patrons, Ellen Heaton and James Leathart; and his publisher friend, Alexander Macmillan. An additional twenty-two printed sources have also been accessed. Volume 10 now provides a consolidated index for the complete set, as well as undated letters and bibliography.

WILLIAM E. FREDEMAN [1928-1999] was professor of English at the University of British Columbia from 1956-1991. His many books, articles and reviews on the Pre-Raphaelites and their followers include his important Pre-Raphaelitism: A Bibliocritical Study. He died in 1999 with this edition almost completed; LEONARD ROBERTS, art historian and author of Arthur Hughes: His Life and Works, now heads, with Betty Fredeman, the committee formed to see it through the press.


Succeeds magnificently...In its unprecedented fullness, the readability of its text, and the quality of its notes, this edition offers an...eloquent posthumous tribute...For the first time, we can do more than see Rossetti plain. We can see him whole. THE ART NEWSPAPER

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