The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 10

July 2015
1 black and white illustrations
395 pages
24.4x17.2 cm
ISBN: 9781843843955
Format: Hardback

The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti 10

Index, Undated Letters, and Bibliography

Edited by William E. Fredeman

More than an index to the nine volumes of letters, this volume is a concise guide to an entire cultural era seen through the lens of Dante Gabriel Rossetti.
Volume 10 of The Correspondence of Dante Gabriel Rossetti is the first ever analytical and biographical index to all Rossetti's letters from 1835-82. It gives readers the widest possible contextual access to all names of persons, places, works of art, writings, movements, organizations and activities, both physical and intellectual, mentioned in these letters with their annotations and appendices. But this index, augmenting the partial ones in Vols 2 and 5, is far more than a simple listing of names: it also serves as a subject index, providing mini-précis descriptions of the information detailed in the annotated letter texts. Subheadings within entries depend on the complexity of the subject and may include letters to/from (for recipients) and lists of artistic and literary works by Rossetti's correspondents, or predecessors such as Blake, Keats and Coleridge. It is a concise guide to an entire cultural era. Since Rossetti is the lens through which all other entries are filtered, his own entry is divided into multiple subheadings to facilitate easy access. The researcher can quickly locate all references to the sonnet sequence The House of Life, the various versions of the Proserpine picture or the complex relationship of his drug use to Rossetti's life and work.

Table of Contents

Biographical and Analytical Index
Undated, unpublished letters


It contains an encyclopaedic index covering many thousands of headings.... Practically everything one might want to know about Rossetti is covered in microscopic detail....Taken as a whole [the set provides] an invaluable tool and will be used by all future researchers seeking to understand the imitable Rossetti, his art, his family, his circle of friends, his enemies and his loved ones. PRS REVIEW

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