The Circle of War in the Middle Ages

July 1999
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202 pages
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Warfare in History
ISBN: 9780851156453
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The Circle of War in the Middle Ages

Essays on Medieval Military and Naval History

Edited by Donald J. Kagay, L.J. Andrew Villalon

Medieval warfare on both land and sea examined by leading scholars in the field.
Different aspects of medieval warfare form the focus for this collection of essays by both established and new scholars. They range from a reconsideration of several problems of military historiography to explorations of the medieval view of divine influence on the battlefield, and the emergence of complex strategic and tactical norms of naval warfare in the medieval Mediterranean. Other topics examined include the role of mercenaries; crusader warfare; and Anglo-Norman women at war.Contributors: BERNARD S. BACHRACH, THERESA M. VANN, PAUL E. CHEVEDDEN, STEPHEN MORILLO, EDWARD G. SCHOENFELD, KENT G. HARE, KELLY DEVRIES, STEVEN ISAAC, JEAN A. TRUAX, STEVEN G. LANE, DOUGLAS C. HALDANE, LAWRENCE V. MOTT

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Table of Contents

`Early Medieval Military Demography: Some Observations on the Methods of Hans Delbruck'. - Bernard S Bachrach
`Twelfth-Century Frontier Strategies in the Iberian Reconquest'. - Theresa M Vann
`Crusader Warfare Revisited: A Revisionist Look at R.C. Smail's Thesis - Fortifications and Development of Defensive Planning'. - Paul E. Chevedden
`The `Age of Cavalry' Reconsidered'. - Stephen R Morillo
`Freedom and Military Reform in Tenth-Century Saxony'. - Edward J Schoenfeld
``Caelestia Militantes': Apparitions and War in Anglo-Saxon England'. - Kent G. Hare
`God and Defeat in Medieval Warfare'. - Kelly DeVries
`The Problem with Mercenaries'. - Steven Isaac
`Anglo-Norman Women at War: Valiant Soldiers, Prudent Strategists or Charismatic Leaders?'. - Jean A Truax
`Rural Populations and the Experience of Warfare in Medieval Lombardy: The Case of Pavia'. - Steven G Lane
`The Fire-Ship of Al-Salih Ayyub and Muslim Use of `Greek Fire''. - Douglas David Haldane
`The Battle of Malta, 1283: Prelude to a Disaster'. - Lawrence V Mott


An excellent volume. MEDIEVALISTS.NET

This very interesting set of essays on medieval military and naval history [has] no consistent theme beyond a desire to question the assumptions of past generations of historians, and to provide fresh answers, and this is done admirably. MEDIEVAL REVIEW [US] Valuable collection... Illustrates the remarkable vitality of medieval military history. All essays have something new to offer, and many point to major new developments. JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORY [US] Well-crafted essays... can be strongly recommended to those interested in military organization and the practice of war in medieval Europe (the twelfth and tyhirteenth centuries are particularly well served). HISTORY

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