The Church, the Afterlife and the Fate of the Soul

The Church, the Afterlife and the Fate of the Soul

Papers Read at the 2007 Summer Meeting and the 2008 Winter Meeting of the Ecclesiastical History Society

Edited by Peter Clarke, Tony Claydon


Ecclesiastical History Society



The impact of belief in the afterlife on the Church's history and evolution, and the manifold ways in which it has impacted on and been reflected in the lives, expectations, and aspirations of Christians across the centuries, is the central theme of this volume. By considering the whole chronological and geographic spread of the church's experience, these essays demonstrate the current excitement of scholarly study of the afterlife: and they frequently question such deeply held assumptions as the late development of purgatory in Christian thought, the divorce between the living and the dead in the western tradition after the sixteenth century, or the importance of post-death salvation in successful modern evangelism. PETER CLARKE is Lecturer in History at Southampton University; TONY CLAYDON is Professor of Early Modern History at Bangor University.


April 2009
11 black and white illustrations
454 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History
ISBN: 9780954680954
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
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Table of Contents

Introduction - Robert N Swanson
Naked or clothed? Eschatology and the Doctrine of Creation - Frances Young
What happened to the Last Judgement in the Early Church? - Josephine Laffin
Timor Mortis: The Fear of Death in Augustine's Sermons on the Martyrs - Elena Martin
Philosophy, Hagiology and the Early Byzantine Origins of Purgatory - Matthew Joseph dal Santo
Saints and Soteriology in Sophronius Sophista's Miracles of Cyrus and Jo hn - P.A. Booth
Death and the Afterlife in Jonas of Bobbio's Vita Columbani - Alexander O'Hara
Individual and Collective Salvation in Late Visigothic Spain - Jamie Wood
Anglo-Saxon 'Purgatory' - Sarah Foot
Byzantine Visions of the End - Leslie Brubaker
The Afterlife of Bishop Adhemar of Le Puy - Conor Kostick
Michael Glykas and the Afterlife in Twelfth-Century Byzantium - Yannis Papadogiannakis
Ghosts and Ghostbusters in the Middle Ages - Robert N Swanson
Agreements to return from the Afterlife in late Medieval Exampla - Catherine Rider
Fixing the Eschatological Scales: Judgement of the Soul in Late Medieval an d Early Modern Irish Tradition - Salvador Ryan
'An Afterlife in Memory': Commemoration and its Effects in a Late Medieval Parish - Clive Burgess
Performing the Passion: Strategies for Salvation in the Life of Stefana Quinzani (d. 1530) - Margit Thfner, Reviews Editor
Christ's Descent into Hell in Reformation Controversy - David Bagchi
Revelation and Reckoning: Angels and the Apocalypse in Reformation England, c. 1559-1625 - Laura Sangha
Heaven and Heavenly Piety in Colonial American Elegies - Adrian Chastain Weimer
'But Where Shall My Soul Repose?': Nonconformity, Science and the Geography of the Afterlife, c. 1660-1720 - Andrew Cambers
The Chinese Rites Controversy: Confucian and Christian Views on the Afterlife - Paul Rule
Strategies for the Afterlife in Eighteenth-Century Malta - Frans Ciappara
Apparitions and Anglicanism in 1750s Warwickshire - Sasha Handley
Rescuing the Perishing Heathen: The British Empire versus the Empire of Satan in Anglican Theology, 1701-1721 - Rowan Strong
'In their madness they chase the wind': the Catholic Church and the Afterlife in Late Choson Korea - Andrew Finch
The 'Restitution of all things' in nineteenth-century Evangelical Premillenialism - Martin Spence
'Angels seen today'. The Theology of Modern Spiritualism and its Impact on Church of England Clergy, 1852-1929 - Georgina Byrne
Civilians, Soldiers and Perceptions of the Afterlife in Britain During the First World War - Michael Snape
Life Beyond the Grave: New Churches in York and the Afterlife, c. 1982-2007 - David Goodhew
African Christianity and the Eclipse of the Afterlife - Paul Gifford


The 30 historians have given us details that make our afterlife history come alive. Alongside the more familiar works of Eamon Duffy on pre- Reformation religion in England, I know of no other text that makes the development of eschatological doctrines so real. THEOLOGICAL STUDIES

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