The Church on its Past

The Church on its Past

Edited by Peter D. Clarke, Charlotte Methuen


Ecclesiastical History Society



Essays range chronologically from Luke Gardiner's analysis of Socrates Scholasticus's retelling of the events of the reign of Theodosius I in the 440s, to John Wolffe's essay on modern religious history and the contemporary church.
The theme of this volume, The Church on its Past, was chosen to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the Ecclesiastical History Society. Under the Presidency of Professor Sarah Foot, this conference brought together leading scholars, among them Diarmaid MacCulloch, David Bebbington, Claudia Rapp and Matthew Grimley, to reflect on developments within the discipline of Church History in the fifty years since the Society's foundation in 1961. In this, the resulting volume, a first group of papers surveys ecclesiastical historiography over the last half-century, considering such key themes in Church History as the Reformation. Another group focuses on scholarship exploring the relationship between Church and State in different periods. A third group investigates the uses that the Christian churches have made of the past, especially in order to justify present agendas, and explores how those churches have constructed their own past. Traditionally much Church History has been written from the 'inside'; particular attention is paid to how the Catholic, non-conformist and evangelical churches have interpreted their own histories.
The volume ranges widely over historical writing about the Church, from Eusebius and Socrates Scholasticus in late antiquity through Bede and Cardinal Boso in the Middle Ages to Martin Luther, Polydore Vergil, John Bale and Gilbert Burnet in the early modern period, and beyond. Both Protestant and Catholic approaches to writing the history of the Reformation, and of the pre-Reformation Church, are explored, including such aspects as the papacy and crusading. The influence of other approaches is also considered, notably those attentive to feminism and gender, and how far Church Historians have engaged with these. The richness and breadth of this volume's treatment of such a major subject make it essential reading for all students and teachers of and others interested in Church History.

PETER CLARKE is Reader in Medieval History at the University of Southampton.

CHARLOTTE METHUEN is Lecturer in Church History at the University of Glasgow.


May 2013
538 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History
ISBN: 9780954681012
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
BIC HRCC2, 1D, 2AB, 3H
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Table of Contents

Sarah Foot: Introduction - Sarah Foot
Sarah Foot: Presidential Address: Has Ecclesiastical History Lost the Plot? - Sarah Foot
Luke Gardiner: Intimations of a Massacre: Thessalonica, Theodosius I and Self-Ironization in Socrates Scholasticus's Historia ecclesiastica - Luke Gardiner
Andrew Louth: Constructing the Apostolic Past: The Case of Dionysius the Areopagite - Andrew Louth
Jessica Ehinger: Biblical History and the End of Times: Seventh-Century Christian Accounts of the Rise of Islam - Jessica Lee Ehinger
Conor O'Brien: Bede on the Jewish Church - Conor O'Brien
Renie Choy: The Deposit of Monastic Faith: The Carolingians on the Essence of Monasticism - Renie Choy
John Doran: Remembering Pope Gregory VII: Cardinal Boso and Alexander III - John Doran
Thomas W. Smith: Honorius III and the Crusade: Responsive Papal Government versus the Memory of his Predecessors - Thomas W. Smith
Andrew Jotischky: Carmelites and Crusading in the Later Middle Ages - Andrew Jotischky
Bernard Hamilton: An Anglican View of the Crusades: Thomas Fuller's The Historie of the Holy Warre - Bernard Hamilton
Charlotte Methuen: Using the Past against the Papacy: Luther's Appeal to Church History in his Anti-Papal Writings - Charlotte Methuen
Jonathan Arnold: Polydore Vergil and Ecclesiastical Historiography in his De Inventoribus Rerum IV-VIII - Jonathan Arnold
Susan Royal: Historian or Prophet? John Bale's Perception of the Past - Susan Royal
Salvador Ryan: 'Holding up a lamp to the sun': Hiberno-Papal Relations and the Construction of Irish Orthodoxy in John Lynch's Cambrensis Eversus (1662) - Salvador Ryan
Tony Claydon: Gilbert Burnet: An Ecclesiastical Historian and the Invention of the English Restoration Era - Tony Claydon
Chris Wilson: The Medieval Church in Early Methodism and Anti-Methodism - Chris Wilson
Robert G. Ingram: Representing and Misrepresenting the History of Puritanism in Eighteenth-Century England - Robert G. Ingram
Andrew Spicer: Archbishop Tait, the Huguenots and the French Church at Canterbury - Andrew Spicer
Rosalind Johnson and Roger Ottewill: Memorializing 1662: Hampshire Congregationalists and the 250th Anniversary of the Great Ejection - Rosalind Johnson
Memorializing 1662: Hampshire Congregationalists and the 250th Anniversary of the Great Ejection - Roger Ottewill
John Wolffe: The Church of England in the Diocese of London: What does History have to Offer to the Present-Day Church? - John Wolffe
Judith Lieu: What did Women do for the Early Church? The Recent History of a Question - Judith M. Lieu
Diarmaid MacCulloch: Changing Historical Perspectives on the English Reformation: The Last Fifty Years - Diarmaid MacCulloch
Stephen Holmes: Historiography of the Scottish Reformation: The Catholics fight back? - Stephen Mark Holmes
Liam Chambers: Patrick Boyle, the Irish Colleges and the Historiography of Irish Catholicism - Liam Chambers
David Bebbington: The Evangelical Discovery of History - David W Bebbington
Rosemary Moore: Insider and Outsider History: Theories of Quaker Origins from the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries - Rosemary Moore
Philip Lockley: Histories of Heterodoxy: Shifting Approaches to a Millenarian Tradition in Modern Church History - Philip Lockley
Kenneth L. Parker: Re-visioning the Past and Re-sourcing the Future: The unresolved Historiographical Struggle in Roman Catholic Scholarship and Authoritative Teaching - Kenneth L. Parker
Alec Corio: The Development of G. G. Coulton's Critique of a Roman Catholic School of History - Alec S. Corio
Sarah Flew: Money Matters: The Neglect of Finance in the Historiography of Modern Christianity - Sarah Flew
Claudia Rapp: Church and State, Religion and Power in Late Antique and Byzantine Scholarship of the last Five Decades - Claudia Rapp
Anthony Milton: Church and State in Early Modern Ecclesiastical Historiography - Anthony Milton
Matthew Grimley: The Fall and Rise of Church and State? Religious History, Politics and the State in Britain, 1961-2011 - Matthew Grimley

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