The Church of England and the Holocaust

The Church of England and the Holocaust

Christianity, Memory and Nazism

Tom Lawson

A challenging interpretation both of the Holocaust and its wider context, and the Church of England's role during the period.
This is the first book to consider the Anglican church's response to the Nazi persecution and then murder of Europe's Jews. Acting as a critique of the historiography of the 'bystanders' to the Holocaust, it reveals a community that struggled to understand the depravity of Nazi anti-semitism. The author outlines Anglican attitudes to war, anti-semitism and many related issues, demonstrating the extent and the limits of the Church's engagement with European politics, and shows how Christian interpretations of Nazi persecution contributed to much wider assumptions about Germany and German history in Britain during the war years. He then moves on to the post-war world, indicating the important role played by the Church of England in forging memories of the Nazi era and especially the suffering of Europe's Jews. Overall, this book offers a challenging new interpretation of the Holocaust and its wider context, and of the history of the Church of England and its role in the intellectual life of the nation.Dr TOM LAWSON teaches in the Department of History, University of Winchester.

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The most encyclopaedic account we have of Anglican responses to Nazism. PATTERSN OF PREJUDICE

This book is an important contribution to the still very limited literature on the Church of England in the twentieth century. EHR
A valuable addition to the historiography of the Christian churches as bystanders. [...] Lawson's study is well researched and forceful. THE CATHOLIC HISTORICAL REVIEW
A very striking book; a provocative, even polemical, contribution to a significant realm of scholarship. It claims its author as an impressive prospect. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY
A significant contribution to the subject. HISTORY

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