The Church of England and the Bangorian Controversy, 1716-1721

June 2007
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Studies in Modern British Religious History
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The Church of England and the Bangorian Controversy, 1716-1721

Andrew Starkie

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First full account of the vital struggle for Church and State in England after the accession of George I.
The Bangorian Controversy was the most bitterly fought ideological battle of eighteenth-century England. Benjamin Hoadly, the low-church Bishop of Bangor, brought the wrath of his fellow churchmen upon himself when he preached his sermon The nature of the Kingdom, or church, or Christ before the king in 1717: it denied the spiritual authority of the church, and was a call for a further Reformation. The struggle that followed was bitter, with far-reaching consequences.
This first full-length study of the Controversy highlights its relationship with the 'Whig schism', illuminating an important aspect of the early career of Robert Walpole; it also brings out the theological and political tensions within English society during this era. High churchmen, low churchmen, Dissenters and deists all published their own controversial works, taking positions for or against the Bishop of Bangor. The Church of England and the Bangorian Controversy is therefore an outline of the ideological landscape of English society as it entered the Georgian age.

ANDREW STARKIE is Curate in the Diocese of Newcastle.

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Table of Contents

Locating the Bangorian Controversy
Religion and the whig schism
Culture and contention
The anatomy of the controversy
Poperies and Reformations
The hermeneutics of heresy
The politics of piety


Immensely important for our understanding of a key early modern intersection of intellectual, ecclesiastical, political and cultural history. CHURCH HISTORY
Provides us with the first in-depth and thoroughly documented account of the Bangorian controversy. [...] An excellent, highly original work. SCRIBLERION
[A] very fine book [and] an extremely rewarding work. one of the great strengths - perhaps the great strength - of this elegantly- and powerfully-argued book is the author's mastery of theological arguments and his lucid and sensitive treatment of doctrinal debate. PARLIAMENTARY HISTORY
Sharply written, closely argued, balanced. ROYAL STUART REVIEW
A marvellously dense and scholarly book. THE LANCE
An exemplary account....The definitive study of a defining episode. TLS This is a useful study of some aspects of the Bangorian controversy and makes good use of archival sources. ARCHIVES

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