The Church in London, 1375-1392

January 1977
150 pages
25.3x16 cm
London Record Society
ISBN: 9780900952135
Format: Hardback
London Record Society

The Church in London, 1375-1392

Edited by A.K. McHardy

The purpose of this work is to make available sources for the study of the church in London during the last quarter of the fourteenth century. It contains three distinct groups of material. The first consists of six documents concerned with the clerical taxes of the years 1379-81. The second is an assessment of ecclesiastical property in the city of London in 1392. The third consists of the acta of William Courtenay, bishop of London 1375-81, collected from the registers of contemporary bishops, the cartularies of religious houses in the diocese and certain classes of Public Records.

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