The Church and the Book

The Church and the Book

Edited by R.N. Swanson


Ecclesiastical History Society



Christianity spread through the authority of the written word. Studies here explore books and their Christian message, ranging from specific texts (and their contexts) to church furniture.
Christianity encapsulates its claims to authority in a book, the bible. The church's tradition is dependent on literacy: throughout its history the Christian message has been conveyed through books and other forms of writing, to provide continuity through periods of persecution, to challenge rival views, to aid processes of conversion, and asvital witnesses to the history of the Church as both a spiritual and social phenomenon. This collection of twenty-six articles by an international group of scholars offers insights into many aspects of the relationship between the church and the book, from the first appearance of Christian writings through to the twentieth century, not just in Britain and Europe, but in America, China, and India. Contributors: MARGARET ASTON, JAMES BETTLEY, RUTH CHAVASSE, MICHAEL CLANCHY, BRIAN CUMMINGS, JAMES J. DAVIS, CHRISTOPH EGGER, RICHARD EMMS, S.G. HALL, SARAH HAMILTON, ELIZABETH M. INGRAM, W. M. JACOB, G. H. JENKINS, L. LAAMANN, OLIVER M. T. LOGAN, JUDITH D. MALTBY, SCOTT H. MANDELBROTE, SUSAN MARTIN, JEREMY MORRIS, R. McKITTERICK, THOMAS O'LOUGHLIN, M. A. OVERELL, GRAHAM SHAW, ERIK SIDENVALL, NORMAN P. TANNER, SUSAN WABUDA, ALEXANDRA M. WALSHAM
Professor R.N. SWANSON teaches in the Department of Medieval History at the University of Birmingham.


May 2005
25 black and white illustrations
406 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
Studies in Church History
ISBN: 9780952973386
Format: Hardback
Ecclesiastical History Society
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Table of Contents

In the Beginning was the Codex: the Early Church and its Revolutionary Books - Stuart George Hall
The Book of the Councils: Nicaea I to Vatican II - Norman P Tanner
Early Medieval Introductions to the Holy Book: Adjuncts or Hermeneutic? - Thomas O'Loughlin
St Augustine's Abbey, Canterbury, and the 'First Books of the Whole English Church' - Richard Emms
The Carolingian Church and the Book - Rosamond McKitterick
The Rituale: the Evolution of a New Liturgical Book - Sarah Hamilton
The Scholar's Suitcase: Books and the Transfer of Knowledge in Twelfth-Century Europe - Christoph Egger
Biblical Authority in the Writing of Pope Innocent IV (1243-54) - Susan Martin
Images of Ladies with Prayer Books: What do They Signify? - Michael Clanchy
Jewels for Gentlewomen: Religious Books as Artefacts in Late Medieval and Early Modern England - Alexandra M Walsham
Triple Deckers and Eagle Lecterns: Church Furniture for the Book in Late Medieval and Early Modern England - Susan Wabuda
Piety, Penance, and Popular Reading in Devotion to the Virgin Mary and her Miracles: Italian Incunabula and Early Printed Collections - Ruth Chavasse
Lap Books and Lectern Books: The Revelatory Book in the Reformation - Margaret Aston
The Christian Brethren and the Dissemination of Heretical Books - James J Davis
Bernardino Ochino's Books and English Religious Opinion: 1547-80 - M A Overell
Dressed in Borrowed Robes: the Making and Marketing of the Louvain Bible (1578) - Elizabeth M Ingram
Luther and the Book: the Iconography of the Ninety-Five Theses - Brian Cummings
'The Good Old Way': Prayer Book Protestantism in 1640s and 1650s - Judith D Maltby
Provision of Books for Poor Clergy Parochial Libraries in the British Isles and the North American Colonies, 1680-1720 - W. M. Jacob
Writing the History of the English Bible in the Early Eighteenth Century - Scott H Mandelbrote
Memories of Faith: the 'Christian Sutras' of Eighteenth-Century China - L Laamann
'I will tell you a word or two about Cardiganshire': Welsh Clerics and Literature in the Eighteenth Century - G H Jenkins
Some Architectural Aspects of the Role of Manuals in Changes to Anglican Liturgical Practice in the Nineteenth Century - James Bettley
Communications between Cultures: Difficulties in the Design and Distribution of Christian Literature in Nineteenth-Century India - Graham Shaw
Dealing with Development: the Protestant Reviews of John Henry Newman's An Essay on the Development of Christian Doctrine, 1845-71845-7 - Erik Sidenvall
The Text as Sacrament: Victorian Broad Church Philology - Jeremy N Morris
A Journal. La Civiltà Cattolica from Pius IX to Pius XII (1850-1958) - Oliver M T Logan



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