The Charters of Stanton, Suffolk, c.1215-1678

The Charters of Stanton, Suffolk, c.1215-1678

Edited by D.P. Dymond


Boydell Press



Edition of local documents sheds revealing light on medieval village life.
The village of Stanton, some nine miles north-east of Bury St Edmunds, is in many ways a typical Suffolk village. What is not so typical is the survival of a considerable and largely coherent collection of charters and similar texts, which together provide a rich and detailed picture of aspects of life in this village from the thirteenth to the seventeenth centuries. Most of the documents were written for, or involved, local peasants and farmers, and illustrate their own dealings with each other, with their lords (most importantly the nearby abbey of Bury), together with the involvement of prominent outsiders in the life of the village. The charters are therefore documents of great interest for the social and economic history of Suffolk, and of East Anglia more broadly, for the insights they provide into the lives of peasants and village people, into farming and other kinds of economic activity, into the operation of lordship and into the village's connection with the broader world. They present a microcosm of medieval and early modern Suffolk life, and typify kinds of activity that would have involved individuals across the county and beyond.

This volume, a rich resource for historians, provides an edited collection, accompanied by introduction, notes and apparatus.


November 2009
10 black and white, 1 line illustrations
320 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Suffolk Charters
ISBN: 9781843834915
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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Table of Contents

List of Charters
Charters, 1-455
Appendix: Notes on People


A work of superlative scholarship. MEDIAEVISTIK

The Charters of Stanton stellt vor allem für die Regionalgeschichte eine Bereicherung dar.DEUTSCHES ARCHIV FUR ERFORSCHUNG DES MITTELALTERS

Scholars will be grateful to Dymond for his yeoman's work in transcribing often difficult hands. [...] Social and legal historians will mine this for information. SCITECH BOOK NEWS

The delight to medieval, late medieval and local historians is the very domestic nature of disinformation to be gleaned from so many of the charters. THE LOCAL HISTORIAN

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