The Catalan Rule of the Templars

October 2003
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144 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Studies in the History of Medieval Religion
ISBN: 9780851159102
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BIC HRAM9, 1DSE, 2AB, 3H, 4P

The Catalan Rule of the Templars

A Critical Edition and English Translation from Barcelona, Archivo de la Corona de Aragón, `Cartas Reales', MS 3344

Translated by J.M. Upton-Ward

Edited by J.M. Upton-Ward

The first complete critical edition and English translation of Barcelona Archivo de la Corona de Aragón, Cartes Reales, MS 3344.
The Knights Templar, part monastic order, part military force, lived by a firm code, or rule, which exists in differing versions. This Spanish version is a follow-up to J.M. Upton-Ward's highly successful edition of the French Rule. The introduction to this Catalan Rule, Barcelona Archivo de la Corona de Aragón, Cartes Reales, MS 3344, discusses the content, language and dating of the manuscript. It also provides background information derived from the French Rule (which the reader may require for a fuller appreciation of the text - see author note below) on the circumstances of the Knights Templar. There is a brief description of the provincial organisation of the Order with particular reference to the houses in Aragon, where it is most likely that the manuscript was used; a summary of clauses; and a concordance with de Curzon's 1886 edition of the French Rule. Compared to de Curzon's edition, the Barcelona text is incomplete, but it contains important clauses not found in other manuscripts. A partial transcription claiming to represent all the clauses without equivalents in de Curzon's edition was published in 1889, but it omitted several clauses now published here for the first time. Footnotes to the English translation elucidate the text; give biographical information on the named officers of the Order where possible; and indicate significant differences compared with the French Rule.

J.M. UPTON-WARD edited and translated The Rule of the Templars (Boydell & Brewer 1998), now available in paperback.


An extremely valuable addition to the corpus of edited and translated Templar sources. CRUSADES

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