The Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Property

October 2015
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231 pages
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Heritage Matters
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The Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Property

Saving the World's Heritage

Laurie Rush, Luisa Benedettini Millington

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First comprehensive study of Italy's "art police", an organisation devoted to protecting cultural artefacts.
Renowned for their rigorous investigative approach, the dedicated officers of the Carabinieri Command for the Protection of Cultural Property (Carabinieri TPC) have recovered thousands of objects and built legal cases resulting in high profile repatriations of cultural property. Their actions have effectively changed an art market that previously depended upon theft and criminal behaviour. Italy is a nation that greatly values its ancient past alongside its artistic present, and it is this appreciation that has led to the creation of the world's premier police force dedicated to law enforcement in the arts, heritage and archaeology. As the TPC's dedicated officers work to protect every aspect of Italy's rich cultural heritage, their organisation, training, approach, missions and successes offer valuable lessons for all who share the goal of protecting and recovering cultural property.

Laurie Rush is a Board Member of the US Committee of the Blue Shield, and employed as an archaeologist by the US army; Luisa Benedettini Millington is a Faculty member of the Community College of Vermont, US.

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Table of Contents

The Carabinieri TPC: an Introduction and Brief History. Perche' l'Italia? Why Italy?
Headquarters, the Databank and Operative Department in Rome
Carabinieri Public Outreach and Education
Central Italy and the Adriatic: Lazio, Florence, Bologna and Ancona
Activities in the North: Genova, Monza, Torino and Venezia
The Regional Offices: Naples, Bari and the South
The Challenges of the Island Regions: Sicily, Sardinia and the Palermo, Siracusa and Sassari Nuclei
Investigation Techniques
Repatriation of Works of Art to Italy: From Siviero to the Medici Conspiracy
Fakes, Forgeries and Money Laundering
Who Are the Officers of the Carabinieri TPC?
The Carabinieri, Peacekeeping and Foreign Relations: The Carabinieri Mission to Iraq
'The Italian Model'
Bibliography and References
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The illicit trafficking of works of art and antiquities is not a problem solely for the police and art experts. It affects us all...It is better to educate and forestall than to pursue and prosecute after the event: public information campaigns are needed. Such campaigns might usefully draw on the many instances highlighted in this important, timely chronicle and celebration of the work of the Carabinieri TPC. TRANSACTIONS OF THE ANCIENT MONUMENTS SOCIETY

Should be required reading not just for public authorities, but for collectors, curators, archaeologists and art historians concerned by the current ramifications of crimes against art and hoping to implement practical solutions to combat them. THE BURLINGTON MAGAZINE

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