The Battle of Crécy, 1346

May 2007
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Warfare in History
ISBN: 9781843833062
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The Battle of Crécy, 1346

Andrew Ayton, Sir Philip Preston

First ever large-scale study of Crécy and its context, bringing out its true importance in English and French history.
With additional contributions from Françoise Autrand, Christophe Piel, Michael Prestwich, and Bertrand Schnerb.

On the evening of 26 August 1346, the greatest military power in Christendom, the French royal army with Philip VI at its head, was defeated by an expeditionary force from England under the command of Edward III. A momentous event that sent shock waves across Europe, the battle of Crécy marked a turning point in the English king's struggle with his Valois adversary. While the French suffered humiliation and crippling casualties, compounded by the consequential loss of Calais a year later, the self-confidence and military reputation of the English - from their king down to the lowliest of archers - soared. Well over half a century before Agincourt, the English had emerged as the most respected fighting force in Europe.

This book assesses the significance of Crécy, and offers new interpretations of both the battle itself and the campaign that preceded it. It includes the latest research on the composition and organisation of the English and French armies, a penetrating analysis of the narrative sources and a revealing re-appraisal of the battlefield. It concludes with a fresh look at the role of the archer in Edward III's victory.

Dr ANDREW AYTON is senior lecturer in history at the University of Hull; Sir PHILIP PRESTON is an independent scholar, and founding secretary of the Battle of Crécy Trust.

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The thorough and massive use of the sources, both primary and secondary, is perhaps one of the first key features that the reader notes and makes it a valuable work. [...] A compelling read, no doubt a volume that will leave a mark. For those interested in the hundred years war, but not only them, this is essential reading. DE RE MILITARI
A highly recommended acquisition for any in-depth, definitive military history collection. THE MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW
This must surely be the definitive study of Crécy for many years to come; but it is much more than that. It is the narrative of a fourteenth century army at war. Impressive in its scholarship, immaculately presented, it is an essential item in a medievalist's library. CASEMATE
This is a unique, invaluable collection of the thoughts, conclusions and surmises of some of the best minds that concern themselves with the Hundred Years War; in this case, one of its most famous and fatal battles, which like Agincourt poses fascinating problems of every kind concerning fourteenth and fifteenth-century armies in the field. ROBERT HARDY, CBE, FSA
Essays of very high quality. [...] A very fine, scholarly study and eminently readable book which deserves great authority as a study of Crécy. HISTORY
A useful addition to the literature and worth reading by anyone with any interest in its topic. JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORY (US)
Das Buch empfiehlt sich ganz sicher als eine seriöse und aufschlußreiche Materialsammlung zur Schlacht von Crécy. HISTORISCHE ZEITSCHRIFT
Mit diesem Buch liegt nicht nur eine detaillierte Analyse der Schlacht von Crécy vor, es liefert auch ein Beispiel dafür, wie eine auf militärisch-organisatorische Aspekte abzielende Kriegsgeschichte des Mittelalters heute geschrieben werden muss.MARTIN CLAUSS, H-SOZ-U-KULT

Author Bio

Sir Philip Preston is an independent scholar, and founding secretary of the Battle of Crécy Trust, which is dedicated to research into the battle and all matters relating to it. He is a partner in an architectural practice, and lives in Crécy-en

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