The Battle for Palestine 1917

The Battle for Palestine 1917

John D. Grainger

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The story of Allied victory in the Holy Land, far from the carnage of the Western Front but a crucial, morale-boosting success under the aggressive and forward-thinking General Allenby.
Three battles for the control of the key fortress-city of Gaza took place in 1917 between the `British' force [with units from across the Empire, most notably the ANZACs] and the Turks. The Allies were repulsed twice but on their third attempt, under the newly-appointed General Allenby, a veteran of the Western Front where he was a vocal critic of Haig's command, finally penetrated Turkish lines, captured southern Palestine and, as instructed by Lloyd George, took Jerusalem in time for Christmas, ending 400 years of Ottoman occupation. This third battle, similar in many ways to the contemporaneous fighting in France, is at the heart of this account, with consideration of intelligence, espionage, air-warfare, and diplomatic and political elements, not to mention the logistical and medical aspects of the campaign, particularly water. The generally overlooked Turkish defence, in the face of vastly superior numbers, is also assessed. Far from laying out and executing a pre-ordained plan, Allenby, who is probably still best remembered as T. E. Lawrence's commanding officer in Arabia, was flexible and adaptable, responding to developments as they occurred.

JOHN D. GRAINGER is the author of numerous books on military history, ranging from the Roman period to the twentieth century.

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Table of Contents

Prologue: To The Border
The Decision to Invade
Defeat at Gaza
Defeated Again
Third Gaza
The Turkish Lines Break
The Hills of Judea
Appendix: Composition of the Egyptian Expeditionary Force


Grainger's analysis is informed, critical, readable and supported by a wealth of unpublished and printed primary material. [...] Makes good use of soldiers' experiences bringing to life the human dimension to the fighting in southern Palestine. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
Informed, critical, readable and supported by a wealth of unpublished and printed primary material. JOURNAL OF MILITARY HISTORY
Extremely good value as it is, like all books from this publisher, of high quality. [...] The one book on Palestine in the Great War that I would select. THE BULLETIN OF THE MILITARY HISTORICAL SOCIETY
At last a brilliant detailed work on Palestine which explains the whole campaign and uses the words of the British, Anzac and Turkish forces who were there. An excellent and very informative read. ARMCHAIR AUCTIONS
Grainger's analysis of battle tactics, from both British and Turkish perspectives, will captivate military buffs. Recommended. CHOICE

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