Textual Cultures: Cultural Texts

September 2010
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236 pages
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Essays and Studies
ISBN: 9781843842392
Format: Hardback
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Textual Cultures: Cultural Texts

Edited by Orietta Da Rold, Elaine Treharne

New essays reappraising the history of the book, manuscripts, and texts.
The dynamic fields of the history of the book and the sociology of the text are the areas this volume investigates, bringing together ten specially commissioned essays that between them demonstrate a range of critical and material approaches to medieval, early modern, and digital books and texts. They scrutinize individual medieval manuscripts to illustrate how careful re-reading of evidence permits a more nuanced apprehension of production, and reception across time; analyse metaphor for our understanding of the Byzantine book; examine the materiality of textuality from Beowulf to Pepys and the digital work in the twenty-first century; place manuscripts back into specific historical context; and re-appraise scholarly interpretation of significant periods of manuscript and print production in the later medieval and early modern periods. All of these essays call for a new assessment of the ways in which we read books and texts, making a major contribution to book history, and illustrating how detailed focus on individual cases can yield important new findings.

Contributors: Elaine Treharne, Erika Corradini, Julia Crick, Orietta Da Rold, A.S.G. Edwards, Martin K. Foys, Whitney Anne Trettien, David L. Gants, Ralph Hanna, Robert Romanchuk, Margaret M. Smith, Liberty Stanavage.

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Elaine Treharne
The Composite Nature of Eleventh-Century Homiliaries: Cambridge, Corpus Christi College, 421 - Erika Corradini
The Power and the Glory: Conquest and Cosmology in Edwardian Wales [Exeter, Cathedral Library, 3514] - Julia C Crick
Manuscript Production before Chaucer: Some Preliminary Observations - Orietta Da Rold
The Ellesmere Manuscript: Controversy, Culture and the Canterbury Tales - A S G Edwards
Vanishing Transliteracies in Beowulf and Samuel Pepys's Diary - Martin Foys and Whitney Anne Trettien
Descriptive Bibliography and Electronic Publication - David L. Gants
Oxford, Bodleian Library, Bodley 647 and its Use, c. 1410-2010 - Ralph Hanna
The Idea of the Heart in Byzantium and the History of the Book - Robert Romanchuk
Red as a Textual Element during the Transition from Manuscript to Print - Margaret Smith
Problematising Textual Authority in the York Register - Liberty Stanavage


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