Teatros y Vida Teatral en Badajoz: 1601-1700

Teatros y Vida Teatral en Badajoz: 1601-1700

Estudio y documentos

Edited by Fernando Marcos Alvarez

Documents on the theatre in Badajoz in the seventeenth century, presented with introduction and catalogue.
The rich panorama of theatrical activity in Badajoz throughout the seventeenth century is revealed in the 368 documents presented here. Drawn from seven archives, they cover a wide range of topics: companies and actors, performances, playhouses, and the Corpus festivity. They contain many details of actors' lives; they are also notable for the valuable data they offer on the playhouses, especially of the splndid theatre of 1667-71 in the calle del Domine Galindo. Catalogue of actors and indexes of names, places, works and subjects.


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