Teaching and Learning Latin in Thirteenth Century England, Volume Three

December 1991
373 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859913393
Format: Hardback

Teaching and Learning Latin in Thirteenth Century England, Volume Three


Tony Hunt

Here at last is the first systematic study of the teaching and learning of Latin in thirteenth century England based on evidence from nearly 200 manuscripts where the text has been glossed in the vernacular. These glosses provide the key to discovering the linguistic competence and interest of students at an elementary level: men and women who needed a working knowledge of Latin for practical purposes. The received view that Latin was the exclusive language of the schoolroom is shown to be mistaken and the exhaustive recording of the vernacular glosses provides a hitherto untapped source of lexical materials in French and Middle English. An essential source-book for medievalists interested in language, literacy and culture.


`The rich cultural insights afforded by the study of medieval Latin are only beginning to be appreciated. In this difficult study of the text-books through which Latin was learned, together with the Latin, Anglo-Norman and English glosses to be found in their manuscript versions, Tony Hunt makes a pioneering attempt to understand its relationship to the vernaculars spoken in England.' TIMES LITERARY SUPPLEMENT
Extremely learned... a detailed study of the vernacular glossing of Latin texts and terms up to the 13th century, a vast compendium of erudition. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW
A pioneer undertaking of the first order, mapping out an area which until now has been almost entirely neglected by philological research, namely that of the Anglo-Norman and Middle English glossary of Latin school books and texts in England... a milestone in research into the language, culture and literacy of the English middle ages. ANGLIA

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