Tanzanian Development

May 2019
28 line illustrations
345 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Eastern Africa Series
ISBN: 9781847011978
Format: Hardback
James Currey
BISAC BUS068000, POL023000, SOC042000

Tanzanian Development

A Comparative Perspective

Edited by David Potts

An up-to-date, comparative, examination of the developing economy of Tanzania and its grass roots progress out of poverty, with pointers to its wider implications for policymakers, NGOS and practitioners.

Over the past thirty years, in common with a number of other Sub-Saharan African countries, Tanzania has experienced a period of painful adjustment followed by relatively rapid and stable economic growth. However the extent of progress on poverty reduction and the sustainability of the development process are both open to question. In this book, prominent international observers provide a range of different perspectives on the process of development over time and the issues facing a rapidly growing African economy: political economy; agriculture and rural livelihoods; industrial development; urbanisation; aid and trade; tourism; and the use of natural resources. Comparisons are drawn with other African economies as well as other developing countries, such as Vietnam. An invaluable deep review of Tanzania's economy and development, the book also looks at the wider implications of the research for the future on the continent and beyond.

David Potts is Senior Lecturer, University of Bradford and was Head of the Bradford Centre for International Development 2015-16. He worked for six years as an economist in Tanzania's Ministry of Agriculture in the 1980s, has had many subsequent short-term assignments in the country and is co-editor of Development Planning and Poverty Reduction (2003).

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Table of Contents

Introduction - Tanzanian Development: a Comparative Perspective - David Potts
The Political Economy of Tanzania 1967-2017: Reimagining the State - Andrew Coulson
Reflections on the Tanzanian Trajectory: Decline and Recovery - Michael F. Lofchie
Agricultural Development in Tanzania - Brian Van Arkadie
Assets and Poverty Dynamics: The Methodological Challenges of Constructing Longitudinal Surveys in Tanzania - Dan Brockington and Olivia Howland and Vesa-Mati Loiske and Moses Emanuel Mnzava and Christine Noe
Contract Farming: Experiences from Tobacco and Sunflower - Joseph Kuzilwa and Bahati Ilembo and Daniel Mpeta and Andrew Coulson
"We Just Sell Water - That is All We Do": Two Cases of Small-scale Irrigation - Anna Mdee
The Industrial Development of Tanzania in Comparative African Perspective - Peter Lawrence
Competitiveness in African Manufacturing: Evidence from Tanzania - John Weiss and Hossein Jalilian
"Good Life Never Comes Like Dreams": Youth, Poverty and Employment in Arusha - Nicola Banks
International Aid to Tanzania - with some comparisons from Ghana and Uganda - Michael Tribe
Real Exchange Rate Changes and Export Performance in Tanzania and Ethiopia - David Potts and Kifle Wondemu
Economic Leakage as a Constraint on Tourism's Effective Contribution to Local Economic Development in Tanzania - Faustin Kamuzora and Julia Jeyacheya
Extractive Industry Revenues and their Expenditure in Local Government Authorities: The Case of the Gold Service Levy in Geita District Council - David Potts and Honest Prosper Ngowi

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