Tamesis House Style Guidelines

In producing our authors’ books, we aim to publish text that is: (a) well written according to generally accepted rules of grammar;* and (b) well-presented according to generally accepted typographical practice.* If authors can share in observing these principles, they can significantly contribute to the smooth progress of their books through the production process.

We hope that by the time the text reaches us the wording is in its final, grammatical form. Authors will know how to handle basic grammar; they may not be so aware of typographical conventions. Our house style is a collection of conventions which we prefer to follow;* the style-sheet can be downloaded here. Sometimes house-style rules offer an element of choice. It is important to make the choice and then apply it consistently throughout the book. Consistent presentation is important: it makes for tidy, unobtrusive typographical presentation and thus strengthens the force of the text. Bibliographic references need particular care in this respect.

**IN PRACTICE our approach to style is fairly flexible. If we receive text that is prepared to a different style from ours, we will accept it as it is, provided that it is (a) used consistently, (b) functional, (c) appropriate for the intended market, and that it (d) doesn’t present us with production problems. We are particularly ready to recognise standard American variations from our preferred style. However, the editor of a collection of articles may decide to impose consistent style across all articles, particularly with respect to bibliographic references.