Tamesis Books Companion Series

The Companion Series is an intrinsic part of the Tamesis monograph series and aims to provide a set of lively, scholarly and accessible introductions to the major literatures and cultures of the Spanish-, Catalan- and Portuguese-speaking worlds. The typical companion (which may be single- or multi-authored) may focus on literary history (as in A Companion to Latin American Literature), or the history of a significant genre (A Companion to Spanish Cinema), or the work of a canonic Hispanic author (A Companion to Federico García Lorca) or an in-depth study of a single work (A Companion to Don Quixote).

The series is aimed primarily aimed undergraduate and graduate students but also responds to the general reader looking for an intelligent introduction to the area in question. For this reason all quotations and titles are accompanied by English translations, and each volume contains a list of suggestions for further reading, principally in English.

In view of its intended readership, the Tamesis Companion should be as lucid and self-explanatory as possible. It is envisaged that the apparatus of scholarship will be kept to a minimum and references to frequently cited works made parenthetically in the text, thereby keeping footnotes to a minimum. Discussion of secondary sources, criticism and scholarship can more usefully be reserved for the section on ‘Suggestions for Further Reading.’

The Tamesis Companion will avoid the Charybdis of pedestrianism at the same time as steering clear of the Scylla of academic shorthand designed for colleagues, in order to produce a book which is as intellectually challenging as it is engaging and accessible.

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