Sudan Looks East

Sudan Looks East

China, India and the Politics of Asian Alternatives

Edited by Daniel Large, Luke A. Patey


James Currey



Places Sudan's oil industry (examined here in macro, micro and political terms), its economy, external relations and changing politics under the impact of the Darfur conflict and the Comprehensive Peace Agreement, in the wider context of the expansion of Asia's global economic strength.
By successfully turning to China, Malaysia and India from the mid-1990s, amidst civil war and political isolation, Khartoum's 'Look East' policy transformed Sudan's economy and foreign relations. Sudan, in turn, has been a key theatre of Chinese, Indian and Malaysian overseas energy investment. What began as economic engagements born of pragmatic necessity later became politicized within Sudan and without, resulting in global attention.
Despite its importance, widespread sustained interest and continuing political controversy, there is no single volume publication examining the rise and nature of Chinese, Malaysian and Indian interests in Sudan, their economic and political consequences, and role in Sudan's foreign relations. Addressing this gap, this book provides a groundbreaking analysis of Sudan's 'Look East' policy. It offers the first substantive treatment of a subject of fundamental significance within Sudan that, additionally, has become a globally prominent dimension of its changing international politics.

Daniel Large is research director of the Africa Asia Centre, Royal African Society at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London, and founding director of the Rift Valley Institute's digital Sudan Open Archive.
Luke A. Patey is a Research Fellow at the Danish Institute for International Studies.

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November 2011
7 line illustrations
215 pages
21.6x13.8 cm
African Issues
ISBN: 9781847010377
Format: Paperback
James Currey
BISAC POL011000, BUS068000, POL033000
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Table of Contents

Sudan Looks East: Introduction - Daniel Large and Luke A. Patey
Sudan's Foreign Relations since Independence - Peter Woodward
The Oil Boom & its Limitations in Sudan - Laura James
Local Relations of Oil Development in Southern Sudan: Displacement, Environmental Impact & Resettlement - Leben Nelson Moro
India in Sudan: Troubles in an African Oil 'Paradise' - Luke A. Patey
Malaysia-Sudan: From Islamist Students to Rentier Bourgeois - Roland Marchal
'Dams are Development': China, the Al-Ingaz Regime & the Political Economy of the Sudanese Nile - Harry Verhoeven
Genocide Olympics: How Activists Linked China, Darfur & Beijing 2008 - Alexandra Cosima Budabin
Southern Sudan & China: 'Enemies into Friends'? - Daniel Large
Conclusion: China, India & the Politics of Sudan's Asian Alternatives - Daniel Large and Luke A. Patey


A very useful reference for many of those engaged in Sudanese studies and affairs. SUDAN STUDIES

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