The Anglo-Norman Language and its Contexts

March 2010
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196 pages
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ISBN: 9781903153307
Format: Hardback
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York Medieval Press

The Anglo-Norman Language and its Contexts

Edited by Richard Ingham

Collection examining the Anglo-Norman language in a variety of texts and contexts, in military, legal, literary and other forms.
The question of the development of Anglo-Norman (the variety of medieval French used in the British Isles), and the role it played in the life of the medieval English kingdom, is currently a major topic of scholarly debate. The essays in this volume examine it from a variety of different perspectives and contexts, though with a concentration on the theme of linguistic contact between Anglo-Norman and English, seeking to situate it more precisely in space and time than has hitherto been the case. Overall they show how Anglo-Norman retained a strong presence in the linguistic life of England until a strikingly late date, and how it constitutes a rich and highly valuable record of the French language in the middle ages.

Contributors: Richard Ingham, Anthony Lodge, William Rothwell, David Trotter, Mark Chambers, Louise Sylvester, Anne Curry, Adrian Bell, Adam Chapman, Andy King, David Simpkin, Paul Brand, Jean-Pascal Pouzet, Laura Wright, Eric Haeberli.

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Table of Contents

Introduction. Anglo-Norman: New Themes, New Contexts - Richard Ingham
Later Anglo-Norman as a Contact Variety of French - Richard Ingham
The Sources of Standardisation in French - Written or Spoken? - Anthony Lodge
'Husbonderie' and 'Manaungerie' in Later Medieval England: A Tale of Two Walters - W Rothwell
Bridging the Gap: The [Socio]Linguistic Evidence of Some Medieval English Bridge Accounts - D A Trotter
From apareil to warderobe: Some Observations on Anglo-French in The Middle English Lexis of Cloth and Clothing - Louise Sylvester and Mark C Chambers
Languages in the Military Profession in Later Medieval England - Anne Curry and Adam Chapman and Adrian R. Bell
The Language of the English Legal Profession: The Emergence of a Distinctive Legal Lexicon in Insular French - Paul Brand
Mapping Insular French Texts? Ideas for Localisation and Correlated Dialectology in Manuscript Materials of Medieval England - Jean-Pascal Pouzet
A Pilot Study on the Singular Definite Articles le and la in Fifteenth-Century London Mixed-Language Business Writing - Laura Wright
Investigating Anglo-Norman Influence on Late Middle English Syntax - Eric Haeberli
The Transmission of Later Anglo-Norman: Some Syntactic Evidence - Richard Ingham


[A] significant intervention in current debates surrounding Anglo-Norman's status and development, demonstrating the continuing vitality of French in England into the later Middle Ages. YEARS WORK IN ENGLISH STUDIES

The volume benefits from good overall presentation and a general index, and with the high standard of scholarship and the stimulating and varied topics addressed certainly merits the attention of those interested in Anglo-Norman and medieval English language and culture. JOURNAL OF FRENCH LANGUAGE STUDIES

Makes a welcome contribution to the current scholarly debate surrounding the question of the development of Anglo-Norman and its role in medieval England. MEDIUM AEVUM

The essays in this excellent volume apply a new conceptual framework to the study of language(s) in medieval England, and the work that has emerged shows that the new approach has opened up fruitful and exciting lines of inquiry. THE MEDIEVAL REVIEW