Studies on Women's Poetry of the Golden Age

July 2009
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Studies on Women's Poetry of the Golden Age

Tras el espejo la musa escribe

Edited by Julián Olivares

Women's poetry of the Spanish early modern period.
This collection of fourteen scholarly essays on women's poetry from Spain's early modern period shows that women did indeed have a Golden Age, and that they were significant cultural actors in the realms of poetic production. The studies of secular verse demonstrate how female poets of this period devised strategies to confront the dominant masculine poetic discourse, while the essays on sacred poetry explore the multiple manifestations of female piety and mysticism. The women's words are brought to life and modern readers helped to understand the socio-cultural, interpersonal, and aesthetic components of the poets' oeuvre. The volume, a companion to Julián Olivares' and Elizabeth Boyce's revised anthology "Tras el espejo la musa escribe": Lírica femenina de los Siglos de Oro, constitutes an authoritative critical enterprise focused on the recuperation of the female literary voice, and marks an important step forward in the battle to include women's writing as part of Spain's literary canon.
Contributors: Electa Arenal, Aránzazu Borrachero Mendíbil, Anne J. Cruz, Adrienne L. Martin, Rosa Navarro Durán, Julián Olivares, Inmaculada Osuna, Amanda Powell, Elizabeth Rhodes, Stacey Schlau, Lía Schwartz, Alison Weber, Judith Whitenack.

JULIAN OLIVARES is Professor of Spanish at the University of Houston and editor of Calíope, Journal of the Society for Renaissance and Baroque Hispanic Poetry.

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Table of Contents

Foreword: el arte de la dificultad en la lírica femenina de los Siglos de Oro - Rosa Navarro Durán
Introduction - Julián Olivares
Vir melancholicus/femina tristis: Towards a Poetics of Women's Loss - Julián Olivares
"Oh qué diversas estamos,/dulce prenda, vos y yo!" Multiple Voicings in Love Poerms to Women by Marcia Belisarda, Catalina Clara Ramírez de Guzmán, and Sor Violante del CieloCatalina Clara Ramírez de Guzmán, - Amanda Powell
El autorretrato en la poesía de Catalina Clara Ramírez de Guzmán - Aránzazu Borrachero
Female Burlesque and the Everyday - Adrienne L. Martín
Cristobalina Fernández de Alarcón y la poesía de circunstancias - Inmaculada Osuna Rodríguez
Poems by Cristobalina Fernández de Alarcón in Two Famous Baroque Anthologies: Primera y segunda parte de las Flores ilustres de España - Lia Schwartz
Ana Abarca de Bolea: "Los lucimientos de las mujeres" - Judith A Whitenack
Could Women Write Mystical Poetry? The Literary Daughters of Juan de la Cruz - Alison Weber
Gender in the Night: Juan de la Cruz and Cecilia del Nacimiento - Elizabeth Rhodes
María de San Alberto: Bridging Popular and "High" Spanish Poetic Traditions through the Sacred - Stacey Schlau
Sex and Class in the Seventeenth-century Cloister: Sor Marcela de San Felix's Love Poems to God - Electa Arenal
Words Made Flesh: Luisa de Carvajal's Eucharistic Poetry - Anne J Cruz
Afterword - Julián Olivares
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Tras el espejo la musa escribe es un libro indispensable para críticos y estudiantes de la lírica hispánica de los Siglos de Oro. Julián Olivares y sus colaboradores han actualizado el estudio de la poesía aúrea escripor mujeres que otros estudiosos habían reconstruido respecto a la prosa y teatro luso-ibéricos. COLOQUIO: TEATRO DE LOS SIGLOS DE ORO

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