Studies in the Eighteenth Century

Studies in the Eighteenth Century is an established monograph series presenting the best current multidisciplinary research on the global eighteenth century, with a particular focus on Britain, Europe and their empires. The series is published by Boydell and Brewer in association with the British Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies.

The eighteenth century was an age in which today’s disciplinary and topographical borders began to emerge but were not yet fixed. Connoisseurship and science overlapped, belles lettres and print could convey the latest philosophical speculation or political controversy, and commercial and intellectual exchange spread through global networks. It was an age of instability, conflict, revolution and war, which saw profound political, economic, social and cultural changes. This period witnessed a variety of ‘isms’: liberalism, capitalism, socialism, feminism, cosmopolitanism, conservatism, romanticism, colonialism and racism. New calls for equality were voiced but familiar inequalities were extended, and new injustices were introduced.

This major series aims to bring into fruitful dialogue the different disciplines involved in all aspects of the study of the long eighteenth century (c.1660-1820) exploring some or all of these features. It publishes innovative volumes, singly or co-authored, on any topic in history, science, music, literature and the visual arts in any area of the world in the long eighteenth century.

The editors welcome proposals and preliminary enquiries from prospective authors. Proposals that explore links across disciplines, and which aim to develop new cross-disciplinary fields of enquiry are particularly encouraged, as are projects on the transnational, imperial or ‘global’ eighteenth century. Proposals for Open Access publications are also accepted.

Series Editors

Ros Ballaster
Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies and Professorial Fellow in English
Mansfield College
Oxford University, UK
[email protected]

Matthew Grenby
Professor of Eighteenth-Century Studies
Newcastle University, UK
[email protected]

Robert D. Hume
Evan Pugh University Professor of English
Pennyslvania State University, USA
[email protected]

Mark Knights
Professor of History
University of Warwick, UK
[email protected]

Michael Middeke
Editorial Director
[email protected]

Elizabeth Howard
Assistant Editor
[email protected]

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