Studies in Old Norse Literature

Studies in Old Norse Literature aims to provide a forum for monographs and collections engaging with the literature produced in medieval Scandinavia, one of the largest surviving bodies of medieval European literature. The series investigates poetry and prose alongside translated, religious and learned material; although the primary focus is on Old Norse-Icelandic literature, studies which make comparison with other medieval literatures or which take a broadly interdisciplinary approach by addressing the historical and archaeological contexts of literary texts are also welcomed. It offers opportunities to publish a wide range of books, whether cutting-edge, theoretically informed writing, provocative revisionist approaches to established conceptualizations, or strong, traditional studies of previously neglected aspects of the field. The series will enable researchers to communicate their findings both beyond and within the academic community of medievalists, highlighting the growing interest in Old Norse-Icelandic literary culture.

New proposals are welcomed. They may be sent directly to the editors or the publisher at the addresses given below.

Series Editors

Professor Carolyne Larrington
St John’s College
Oxford University
Oxford, OX1 3JP
[email protected]

Professor Sif Rikhardsdottir
University of Iceland
Aðalbygging, Sæmundargötu, 101
Reykjavík, Iceland
[email protected]

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