Studies in Medievalism XVIII

November 2009
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306 pages
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Studies in Medievalism
ISBN: 9781843842101
Format: Hardback
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Studies in Medievalism XVIII

Defining Medievalism(s) II

Edited by Karl Fugelso

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Articles which survey and map out the increasingly significant discipline of medievalism; and explore its numerous aspects.
This latest volume of Studies in Medievalism further explores definitions of the field, complementing its landmark predecessor. In its first section, essays by seven leading medievalists seeks to determine precisely how to characterize the subjects of study, their relationship to new and related fields, such as neomedievalism, and their relevance to the middle ages, whose definition is itself a matter of debate. Their observations and conclusions are then tested in the articles second part of the book. Their topics include the notion of progress over the last eighty or ninety years in our perception of the middle ages; medievalism in Gustave Doré's mid-nineteenth-century engravings of the Divine Comedy; the role of music in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings films; cinematic representations of the Holy Grail; the medieval courtly love tradition in Jeanette Winterson's The Passion and The.Powerbook; Eleanor of Aquitaine in twentieth-century histories; modern updates of the Seven Deadly Sins; and Victorian spins on Jacques de Voragine's Golden Legend.

CONTRIBUTORS: Carla A. Arnell, Aida Audeh, Jane Chance, Pamela Clements, Alain Corbellari, Roberta Davidson, Michael Evans, Nickolas Haydock, Carol Jamison, Stephen Meyer, E. L. Risden, Carol L. Robinson, Clare A. Simmons, Richard Utz, Veronica Ortenberg West-Harling

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Table of Contents

Editorial Note -
Medievalism as Fun and Games - Veronica Ortenberg West-Harling
Medievalism and Excluded Middles - Nickolas Haydock
Medievalitas Fugit: Medievalism and Temporality - Richard Utz
Medievalists, Medievalism and Medievalismists: The Middle Ages, Protean Thinking, and the Opportunistic Teacher-Scholar - E L Risden
Living with Neomedievalism - Carol L. Robinson and Pamela Clements
Tough Love: Teaching the New Medievalisms - Jane Chance
Is Medievalism Reactionary From between the World Wars to the Twenty-First Century: On the Notion of Progress in our Perception of the Middle Ages - Alain Corbellari
Gustave Doré's illustrations for Dante's Divine Comedy: Innovation, Influence, and Reception - Aida Audeh
Soundscapes of Middle Earth: The Question of Medievalist Music in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Films - Stephen Meyer
Now You Don't See It, Now You Do: Recognizing the Grail as the Grail - Roberta Davidson
From the Middle Ages to the Internet Age: The Medieval Courtly Love Tradition in Jeanette Winterson's The Passion and The.Powerbook - Carla A. Arnell
New Golden Legends: Golden Saints of the Nineteenth Century - Clare A Simmons
A Remarkable Woman? Popular Historians and the Image of Eleanor of Aquitaine - Michael Evans
The New Seven Deadly Sins - Carol Jamison

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