Staking out the Territory and Other Writings on Music

Staking out the Territory and Other Writings on Music

with illustrations by William Scott

Hugh Wood

Edited by Christopher Wintle

Introduction by Bayan Northcott

A selection of the writings of Hugh Wood - composer, teacher and writer - with eight illustrations by William Scott.
Ever since his early days, Hugh Wood has pursued a triple career as composer, teacher and writer: he has added to the repertory of orchestral, chamber and vocal music, he has lectured at the Universities of Glasgow, Liverpool and Cambridge, and he has been involved in an endless round of articles, reviews and broadcasts. What these activities have in common is a keen interest in the highways and byways of European culture, a fastidious style, and a determination to scotch pretence wherever it appears. But behind all this lies another concern, an insatiable quest for knowledge of the territory composers stake out for themselves.
This selection of writings is in three parts and shows three aspects to the quest. The first addresses his own experience; the second maps out the historical and cultural context for a number of orchestral and chamber works in a set of concert essays; and the third draws together several composer-vignettes from his recent reviews for the Times Literary Supplement.
The book marks his seventy-fifth birthday and includes eight works by the British artist, William Scott.
Keywords: Poetics of Music, Music


Staking out the Territory [...] offers more than the sum of its parts, for it can tell us much about the traditions and values that for a number of decades shaped - and continue still to influence - musical life in Britain. TWENTIETH-CENTURY MUSIC

[Wood] sticks fiercely to his principles, shows us with acute insight why the music he loves matters. BBC MUSIC MAGAZINE

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