St Peter Port 1680-1830

December 1999
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St Peter Port 1680-1830

The History of an International Entrepôt

Gregory Stevens Cox

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The story of the development of St Peter Port in the 18th century and its impact on the economy of Guernsey.
Gregory Stevens Cox's immensely readable and meticulously researched history of St Peter Port in the eighteenth century provides a fascinating account of the town's place in the trading world of the Atlantic. He shows that it was trade, not privateering, which led to the growth of the town; and he shows how it was transformed from a `French' to an `English' community. He brings the town and its inhabitants alive, in all their various activities of work, family and sociability. MARTIN DAUNTON, Professor of Economic History, University of Cambridge For over a century St Peter Port, Guernsey, functioned as an international entrepôt, handling millions of gallons of alcohol and large quantities of tobacco. This study examines the volume and value of the port trade. But this is more than a simple study of the port. Using a variety of analytic techniques the author considers the impact of the entrepôt trade on the demographic, cultural and social structures of St Peter Port. He shows the consequences of migration and how a small, poor `French' town of some three thousand inhabitants was transformed into a wealthy `English' town with a population some five times greater.
Dr GREGORY STEVENS COX is head of history, Blanchelande Girls' College, St Peter Port.

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There are precious few published works that recognise the crucial role that small ports played in the development of their hinterlands, and this is a welcome addtiion to the historiography of maritime historical studies. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MARITIME HISTORY [US] Impressive in terms of its careful analysis and presentation of deatiled primary research. It presents a clear, cogent and very human picture of what was clearly an important but little-studies element of the urban and commercial network of eighteenth-century England. URBAN HISTORY