St Katherine of Alexandria

St Katherine of Alexandria

The Late Middle English Prose Legend in Southwell Minster MS 7

Edited by Saara Nevanlinna, Irma Taavitsainen


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First publication of late medieval prose version of the legend of St Katherine of Alexandria.
St Katherine of Alexandria was one of the most venerated women saints in medieval Britain. Her legend tells of a woman blessed with all the qualities and virtues appropriate to a Bride of Christ. The story of her life is typical of its genre, sharing its main features with other saints lives.
This volume contains the Southwell manuscript of the prose legend of St Katherine; it is the first time that this late medieval English version has been made widely available. Discovered only in the 1970s, the Southwell text is a unique, composite version of the legend with additions not found elsewhere. It dates from c.1500 and reflects a transition period in the history of the English language. In addition to the text —based on Southwell Minster 7 with emendations from other manuscripts where necessary —this volume includes an introduction outlining the history of the veneration of St Katherine in England and placing the text in the wider framework of society.


December 1993
1 black and white illustrations
174 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9780859913911
Format: Hardback
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A valuable scholarly contribution. MEDIUM AEVUM

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