St John's College Cambridge: A History

April 2011
30 colour, 50 black and white illustrations
794 pages
24.4x17.2 cm
ISBN: 9781843836087
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
BISAC HIS037030, HIS015000

St John's College Cambridge: A History

Edited by Peter Linehan

The first book to describe fully the foundations and development of St John's College Cambridge, highlighting the role its alumni have always played in the life of the nation.
Within a generation of its foundation on the site of a decayed hospital at the behest of Lady Margaret Beaufort, England's queen mother, the College of St John the Evangelist had established itself as one of the kingdom's foremost educational establishments: in the words of one notable contemporary, as 'an university within it selfe' indeed. And in the period thereafter - the years between 1511 and 1989, the period covered by the present volume - St John's has continued to provide its fair share of Prime Ministers and other politicians, bishops, Nobel laureates, artists, writers, and sporting heroes, as well as to irrigate the rich loam of the nation's history in all sorts of other unexpected ways and places.
However, not until the organisation of the College's archives and records in the present generation has it been possible to describe in sufficient detail the full story of that progress and adequately to trace the College's development and achievements in recent centuries. The present history, the first since the early 1700s to provide a systematic and informed account of the subject, seeks to make good this historical defect. It is published as part of the celebration of the quincentenary of the College's foundation.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Peter A Linehan
The Sixteenth Century - Richard A W Rex
The Seventeenth Century - A.M. Nicholls
The Eighteenth Century - Derek Beales
The Nineteenth Century - A J Boyd Hilton
Introduction: The Twentieth Century - Peter Hennessy
The Twentieth Century Part I - Peter A Linehan
The Twentieth Century Part II - Peter A Linehan


A sumptuous production. [...] The erudition is cumulatively overwhelming, the entertainment liberally distributed. HISTORY

[A] sumptuously produced book-remarkably good value for its length. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

A fine example of the vogue for large-scale histories of Oxford and Cambridge colleges. JOURNAL OF ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY
There can be no doubt that Johnians...will find the college's new history diverting reading. [...] Handsomely produced by Boydell, based on exhaustive archival research, elegantly written and replete with the kind of biographical anecdote that gives spice to any institutional history. TLS