St George's Chapel, Windsor, in the Fourteenth Century

May 2005
21 black and white, 14 line illustrations
260 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
ISBN: 9781843831174
Format: Hardback
Boydell Press
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St George's Chapel, Windsor, in the Fourteenth Century

Edited by Nigel Saul

A definitive look at the early history of St George's Chapel, one of the most important medieval buildings in England. Developed and improved by Edward III, the Chapel became the spiritual home of his newly-instigated Order of the Garter and, in the process, a new Camelot for the English monarchy.
St George's Chapel, Windsor, is one of the most famous ecclesiastical foundations in Britain. Established in 1348, its origins are closely bound up with those of the Order of the Garter, which was founded by Edward III at the same time.
The collection of essays in this volume sets Windsor in its context, at the forefront of the political and cultural developments of mid-fourteenth-century England. They examine the early history of the Chapel, its ties with Edward III's chivalric ambitions, the community of canons who served it, and its place in the institutional development of the English Church. Major themes are the role of the Chapel in the early history of the Order and its influence on other collegiate foundations of the late middle ages; and much attention is devoted to the mighty building campaign at the Castle started by Edward III which made Windsor the grandest royal residence of its day.

Table of Contents

Introduction - Nigel Saul
For Arthur and St George: Edward III, Windsor Castle and the Order of the Garter - W Mark Ormrod
Image and Identity in the Prehistory of the Order of the Garter - Juliet Vale
The Banner-bearer of Christ and Our Lady's Knight: How God became an Englishman revisited - D A L Morgan
St George's College, Windsor: Context and Consequence -
Servants of God and Crown: the Canons of St George's Chapel, 1348- 1420 - Nigel Saul
Litigation for Proprietary Rights: the Case of the Obstinate Vicar - A K B Evans***
The Composer John Plummer and St George's Chapel - Helen Marsh Jeffries
The Fonts of St George's Chapel - Pamela Tudor-Craig
The Aerary Porch and its Influence on Late Medieval English Vaulting - John A. A. Goodall
Edward III's Building Campaigns at Windsor and the Employment of Masons, 1346-1377 [with Stephen Priestley] - Steven Brindle
Edward III's Building Campaigns at Windsor and the Employment of Masons, 1346-1377 [with Steven Brindle] - Stephen Priestley
Carpentry Works for Edward III at Windsor Castle -


A volume to be warmly recommended too those with an interest in the art, architecture and culture of the fourteenth-century. ECCLESIOLOGY TODAY
Eleven fascinating and highly informative papers. CATHOLIC HISTORICAL REVIEW
A solid work of scholarship, providing a new understanding of the role of Edward III and his building campaign in the growth of England as a nation toward the end of the medieval period. THE JOURNAL OF BRITISH STUDIES
A very good collection. ARTHURIANA
Will long remain an indispensable account of the origins of the Perpendicular style in England. CHURCH TIMES
A collection of studies sharing a golden glow, whose contributors have made sure that the volume as a whole uses the College's story to open wide perspectives on English political, social, religious and aesthetic culture in the century following its foundation. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW

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