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Across the Copperbelt

Edited by Miles Larmer, Enid Guene and Benoît Henriet

The first comparative historical analysis - local, national and transnational - of the cross-border Central African copperbelt; a key work in studies of labour, urbanisation and African studies.

Protestant Missionaries & Humanitarianism in the DRC

by Jeremy Rich

A significant contribution to the history of humanitarianism, Christianity and the politics of aid in Africa.

Losing your Land

Edited by An Ansoms and Thea Hilhorst

Examines a new aspect of one of the highest profile issues facing Africa today-land-grabbing-and shows the widespread impact of small-scale dispossession.

The Political Economy of Everyday Life in Africa

Edited by Wale Adebanwi

Multi-disciplinary examination of the role of ordinary African people as agents in the generation and distribution of well-being in modern Africa.

General Labour History of Africa

Edited by Stefano Bellucci and Andreas Eckert

The first comprehensive and authoritative history of work and labour in Africa; a key text for all working on African Studies and Labour History worldwide.

Cutting Down Trees

by Henrietta L. Moore and Megan Vaughan

Herskovits Prize Winner

South Africa's Gold Mines and the Politics of Silicosis

by Jock McCulloch

Examines the silicosis crisis in the South African mining industry, and reveals how the rate of, often fatal, tuberculosis among black migrant miners was hidden for over a century.

El Dorado in West Africa

by Raymond E. Dumett

Reveals the impact of European capitalism on an African society.

Mediators, Contract Men, and Colonial Capital

by Cassandra Mark-Thiesen

An innovative study of labor relations, particularly the interactions of recruitment agents and migrant workers, in the mining concessions of Wassa, Gold Coast Colony, 1879 to 1909.

Natural Resources and Conflict in Africa

by Abiodun Alao

The first comprehensive account of the linkage between natural resources and political and social conflict in Africa.

Violence, Political Culture and Development in Africa

Edited by Preben Kaarsholm

This volume throws light on the ways in which violence, political culture and development have interacted in African history.

Electricity in Africa

by Christopher Gore

Examines the history of electricity provision in Africa and the effects of privatization and infrastructure changes in energy transformation, offering a critical window into development politics in African states.