Soldiers in Zimbabwe's Liberation War

September 1996
224 pages
22.7x14.2 cm
Social History of Africa
ISBN: 9780852556092
Format: Paperback
James Currey

Soldiers in Zimbabwe's Liberation War

Edited by Ngwabi Bhebe, T.O. Ranger

These two companion volumes on Soldiers and Society give new perspectives on Zimbabwe's liberation struggle.
This work is an attempt to look at some of the realities of Zimbabwe's liberation war and at what happened afterwards, rather than at the comfortable myths. Both heroic and terrible deeds are recorded.

Zimbabwe: University of Zimbabwe Publications


These volumes provide signposts for researchers to begin to ask new questions about the events of the wars. - Diane Jeater in JOURNAL OF AFRICAN HISTORY
These two volumes represent the most important critical collection of work on the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. The range of the studies provides an impressive overview of the complex responses of various social forces to the liberation war... - Brian Raftopoulos in JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN AFRICAN STUDIES
...a brief but valuable collection... - Basil Davidson in THE TIMES HIGHER EDUCATIONAL SUPPLEMENT
This work is an important landmark in the history of Zimbabwe's independence war and it will provide an important focus for not only military, social and economic historians, but also non-specialist readers with an interest in this fascinating conflict and its immediate aftermath. - Edmund Yorke, Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst in THE JOURNAL OF IMPERIAL & COMMONWEALTH HISTORY

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