Society in Zimbabwe's Liberation War

September 1996
256 pages
22.7x14.2 cm
Social History of Africa
ISBN: 9780852556108
Format: Paperback
James Currey

Society in Zimbabwe's Liberation War

T.O. Ranger

Edited by Ngwabi Bhebe

These two companion volumes on Soldiers and Society give new perspectives on Zimbabwe's liberation struggle.
This work examines people's beliefs, ideas and experiences both during Zimbabwe's liberation war and afterwards. The contributors look at African religion and Christianity and explore the efforts to educate people for a new society. They also look at the ideas used by whites to justify brutality and at the civilian experiences at the hands of the guerillas and the Fifth Brigade. Finally, they ask whether the new ideas were carried on after the war had ended.

Zimbabwe: University of Zimbabwe Publications


These volumes provide signposts for researchers to begin to ask new questions about the events of the wars. - Diane Jeater in JOURNAL OF AFRICAN HISTORY
These two volumes represent the most important critical collection of work on the liberation struggle in Zimbabwe. The range of the studies provides an impressive overview of the complex responses of various social forces to the liberation war... - Brian Raftopoulos in JOURNAL OF SOUTHERN AFRICAN STUDIES
The impressive number and quality of these local level studies, many part of larger works, add to existing conflicting and consensual claims about the war and its aftermath, making a review of a now sizeable literature timely. - Norma Kriger in JOURNAL OF AFRICAN HISTORY
Like Volume I, this volume is a milestone in recording the history of the liberation war...The revelation of the horrors is a part of the balm that heals the wounds of both the victim and the perpetrator. They set directions for future writers on the painful genesis of Zimbabwe. - Charles Pfukwa in the INDEPENDENT WEEKENDER

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