The Fifteenth Century XV

The Fifteenth Century XV

Writing, Records and Rhetoric

Edited by Linda Clark


Boydell Press



This series [pushes] the boundaries of knowledge and [develops] new trends in approach and understanding. ENGLISH HISTORICAL REVIEW
The focus of this volume may be summed up as "The Word". Its essays examine the contents and provenance of manuscripts which were written for polemical purposes, treasured by the duchess of York, and through the new medium of print introduced to a wider public topics of historical interest and illustrations of the geography of the known world. The essays here also consider official records of forest administration, expressed in arcane language; documents preserved in the papal curia which reveal significant facts about the lives of Scottish bishops; archives produced by the English chancery noting the movements of a royal councillor; and letters, poems and songs exposing the political strategy of a German prince. Nor is the spoken word neglected, whether employed in speeches delivered at the start of parliaments, using as their themes scriptures and classical texts to set a political agenda; or as sermons to open-air congregations gathered at St. Paul's Cross, where the oratory of Bishop Alcock stirred his listeners in different ways.

Contributors: Michael Bennett, Julia Boffey, Paul Cavill, J.M. Grussenmeyer, Tom Johnson, J.L. Laynesmith, John Milner, Ben Pope, Dan E. Seward, Sarah Thomas


2 black and white illustrations
222 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
The Fifteenth Century
Hardback, 9781783272495, November 2017
eBook, 9781787441514, November 2017
Boydell Press
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The Libelle of English Policy: The Matter of Ireland - Michael J Bennett
'Stories of Divers Regions and Provinces': Some Digests of History and Geography for Late-Medieval English Readers - Julia Boffey
'To please ... Dame Cecely that in latyn hath lityll intellect': Books and the Duchess of York - Joanna Laynesmith
A Case Study in Lancastrian Service and Personal Survival: the Career of William, Lord Roos of Helmsley (c.1370-1414) - John Milner
Identity, Discourse and Political Strategy: Margrave Albrecht Achilles (1414-86) and the Rhetoric of Antagonism between Town and Nobility in Upper Germany - Ben Pope
The Redistribution of Forest Law and Administration in Fifteenth-Century England - Tom Johnson
Well-Connected and Qualified Clerics? The Bishops of Dunkeld and Sodor in the Fifteenth Century - Sarah E. Thomas
Preaching Politics: Lancastrian Chancellors in Parliament - Jon-Mark Grussenmeyer
Bishop John Alcock and the Roman Invasion of Parliament: Introducing Renaissance Civic Humanism to Tudor Parliamentary Proceedings - Dan E. Seward
Preaching on Magna Carta at the End of the Fifteenth Century: John Alcock's Sermon at Paul's Cross - Paul Cavill

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