Studies in Medievalism XXVII

May 2018
9 colour, 17 black and white illustrations
282 pages
23.4x15.6 cm
Studies in Medievalism
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Studies in Medievalism XXVII

Authenticity, Medievalism, Music

Edited by Karl Fugelso

Essays tackling the difficult but essential question of how medievalism studies should look at the issue of what is and what is not "authentic".
Given the impossibility of completely recovering the past, the issue of authenticity is clearly central to scholarship on postmedieval responses to the Middle Ages. The essays in the first part of this volume address authenticity directly, discussing the 2017 Middle Ages in the Modern World conference; Early Gothic themes in nineteenth-century British literature; medievalism in the rituals of St Agnes; emotions in Game of Thrones; racism in Disney's Middle Ages; and religious medievalism. The essayists' conclusions regarding authenticity then inform, even as they are tested by, the subsequent papers, which consider such matters as medievalism in contemporary French populism; nationalism in re-enactments of medieval battles; postmedieval versions of the Kingis Quair; Van Gogh's invocations of Dante; Surrealist medievalism; chant in video games; music in cinematic representations of the Black Death; and sound in Aleksei German's film Hard to Be a God.

Karl Fugelso is Professor of Art History at Towson University in Baltimore, Maryland.

Contributors: Aida Audeh, Tessel Bauduin, Matthias Berger, Karen Cook, Timothy Curran, Nickolas Haydock, Alexander Kolassa, Carolyne Larrington, David Matthews, E.J. Pavlinich, Lotte Reinbold, Clare Simmons, Adam Whittaker, Daniel Wollenberg.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Medievalism as Colony and Conqueror: Reflections after MAMO - David Matthews
Genealogies of the Early Gothic: Forging Authenticity - Nickolas Haydock
The Rituals of St. Agnes and the Lure of Authenticity - Clare A Simmons
Mediating Medieval(ized) Emotions in Game of Thrones - Carolyne Larrington
A Princess of Color amid Whitewashed Medievalisms in Disney's Sofia the First and Elena of Avalor - Elan Justice (E J) Pavlinich
The Medievalizing Process: Religious Medievalism and Constructs of Historical Authenticity - Timothy Curran
The Breaking Point: Alain de Benoist's Critique of Medieval Nominalism - Daniel Wollenberg
"This Most Historic of Locations": Performing Authentic Nationhood at Hastings and Morgarten - Matthias Berger
Kingdoms of Infinite Space: Three Responses to the Kingis Quair - Lotte Reinbold
Vincent van Gogh, Dante, and the Studio of the South - Aida Audeh
Surrealist Medievalism: A Case Study - Tessel Bauduin
Introduction to Part III
Beyond (the) Halo: Chant in Video Games - Karen Cook
A Plague of Medievalism upon You All: Medievalism, Music, and the Plague - Adam Whittaker
The Past is a Different Planet: Sounding Medievalism in Aleksei German's Hard to Be a God - Alexander Kolassa

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